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Public Record


12/6: Robert E. (Tabitha J.) Davis, II to Dipak (Sushilaben) Patel, Lot 11 River Cliff, Brandenburg, $350,000.

 William R. (Brenda G.) Knott and Bradley W. (Melanie R.) Knott to Taylor A. (Nicole N.) Knott, Concordia Road, 5.010 acres, conveyance between parent and child.

William D. Dye to Andrew W. (Crystal R.) Shacklette, Lot 18 Johnnie Pack Farm, Brandenburg, 1.925 acres, $250,000.

 Patricia A. Ditto to Aulbach Land USA, Scott Hill Road, Guston, 168.93 acres, $810,830.40.

 Meade County/Brandenburg Industrial Development Authority to Nucor Corporation, Ronnie Greenwell Commerce Rd., Brandenburg, 3.494 acres, $26,205.

William R. (Judy H.) Rosacker to Kathleen Lee, Lot 4 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $190,000.

Redhead LLC to Andrew J. (Courtney) Ramos, Bee Knob Hill Road, Ekron, 1.11 acres, $245,000.

12/7: Redhead LLC to Michael (Kimberly N.) Mannering, Hardin Street, $145,000.

 Sandra Carter to Justin (Alyssa) Burnett, Parcel 1 Theodore L. Aebersold Subdivision, Brandenburg, $228,500.

 Brian E. (Allision N.) Pate to David E. Allen, Jr., Lot 1 Taylor Way, $249,000.

Pike & Tucker LLC to Shane R. (Erin L.) Whitt, Parcel 1, 1.203 acres, $20,000.

 Donna McCollum to Sandra K. Bodner, 3.475 acres, $169,000.

 Robert E. Cummings to David R. Smith and Shari L. Gifford, Lot 28 The Station, Brandenburg, $299,900.

 Seth (Morgan A.) Rockenfelder, Tract 17 Lucille A. Skelton Estate, 1.1859 acres, $185,000.

12/8: Tax Ease Lien Servicing LLC v. Pinnacle Management Group LLC to Darren Sipes, Lot 20 Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, $1.

 Darren (Holly) Sipes to Clinton B. (Kathryn R.) Hicks, Lot 20 Audubon Woods, Doe Valley, $9,500.

 Estate of Christine B. Lusk to Amy Knochenmus and Allison Runner, Price Street, love and affection.

Andrew S. (Desiree R.) Owen to Keyan E. Gittings, Lot 11 Whelan Estate, $175,000.

12/9: Arlie J. (Sue) Banks to Lindsay M. (Brandis N.) Pearson, HWY 1500, Flaherty, 1.307 acres, $195,800.

12/10: Willard (Viginia E.) Smiley to Bobby R. (Tonya L.) Smiley, Parcel 2 Joyce Felts Farm, 15.669 acres, $36,000.

 The Gordon & Bernett Board Trust v. Steve Gaskins, Jr. to Ronald Henry, II, Stith Valley Rd., 0.55 acres, $65,000.

 Michael Krimm to James F. (Kelli) Brown, M. Hall Road, Payneville, 13.9781 acres, $100,000.