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Public Record


12/28: John R. (Janet D.) Thompson to Michael (JoAnn) Lake, Rabbit Run Rd., Vine Grove, 9.52 acres, $348,000.

Clinton D. Cain to Daniel L. (Casandra Y.) Bridges, lot 5 Country View Estates, $210,000.

Jeff (Joyce) Nott to Rayford Tisdale, Jr. and Desiree S. Davis, lot 1 Gabe Estates subdivision, 2.634 acres, $221,000.

Louis E. (Shirley A.) Burgess to Tony (Katey) Fleenor, Haysville Rd., Lot 13 Dooley Meadows, Ekron, $220,000.

A.Q. Construction, Inc. to Jeremy W. (Jame D.) Fair, lot 426 Doe Valley Greens, $315,000.

Nutrien Ag solutions, Inc. to Robert W. Chism, parcel 2, Ekron, $5,000.

Gracie L. Fackler to Larry (Jessica M.) Jantzen, Green Valley Ranch Rd., Battletown, 5.014 acres, $19,000.

12/29: John (Kimberley) Hardesty to Levi A. (Kristin M.) Peters, lot 37 Haynes Estates, Brandenburg, $92,200.

Tony D. (Katey R.) Fleenor to MVP, LLC, HWY 144, 1.2 acres, $200,000.

Steve (Vada) Wardrip to Donald W. Wardrip, tract 1 and 3, Old Ekron Rd., 3.67 acres, transfer from parent to child.

David B. (Jonell M.) Dailey to RRHB, LLC, HWY 79, Guston, $105,000.

12/30: Michael (Hyon S.) Delaven to Michael A. (Lauren N.) Kirby, tract 1 & 2 Brown Estates, Tom Brown Rd., Vine Grove, $260,000.

Doug (Kristy) Mattingly to Kase Mattingly and Raley Johnson, Newton Rd., Guston, 5.75 acres, $90,000.

Melissa Cummings, Michael L. Pickett, and Sue C. Cummings to Tim (Gena) Hockman, lot 18 & 48 English Estates, Brandenburg, $40,500.

Dennis W. Poole and William E. Poole to Gary (Bobbi J.) Poole, Cherokee Spur Rd., 12.002 acres, $42,000.

Barbara J. Staples to Brandon T. (Ashley A.) Vowels, lot 1 Lakeview Estates, Vine Grove, $150,000.

Timothy Jackson to Timothy H. (Shannon K.) Compton, lot 1 Eagle Nest Estates, Ekron, $85,000.

Gary L. (Elizabeth Jo R.) Lancaster to Cameron S. (Emily J.) Redmon, Vine Grove, 89.8 acres, $583,800 contract for deed.

01/04: Kevin M. (Kylee R.) Ohlrich to Erica M. Whitehead and Damien L. Platt, Shot Hunt Road, Vine Grove, $187,000.

Vicki M. (Stephen L.) Spink to April M. Goesman and Joseph N. George, HWY 79, Brandenburg, 1.334 acres, $305,000.

Doe Valley Association, Inc. to Steven G. (Diane) Robinson, lot 16 Cedar Point Subdivision, Doe Valley, $89,000.

Doe Valley Association, Inc. to Dwayne S. (Kellie A.) Cundiff, lot 214 & 215 Doe Valley Greens, $15,500.

James K. (Cheri Lynn E.) Greer to J. Larry (Margarita) Edelen Living Trust, Bee Knob Hill Rd., Ekron, 142.481 acres, $359,764.53.

Craig R. (Tracie) Dawson to Melissa A. Robertson, lot 95, 96, & 97 Harris Heights Subdivision, Muldraugh, $100,000.

Danny L. (Mary A.) Stankiewicz to Raymond L. Essex, Old State Rd., Brandenburg, $247,500.

Greg (Brenda) Barnes to Ben J. Grinnell, 1.23 acres, Coleman Rd., Vine Grove, $144,000.

McGehee Humphrey & Davis, LLC to Shelbi Humphrey, lot 33 & 34 Sunny Meadows Subdivision, Hobbs-Reesor Rd., $17,000.

Jason L. Humphrey to Johnathan Rhodes, lot 1 Kirksey Minor Plat, 2.125 acres, $125,000.