Public Record


12/28: John R. (Janet D.) Thompson to Michael (JoAnn) Lake, Rabbit Run Rd., Vine Grove, 9.52 acres, $348,000.

Clinton D. Cain to Daniel L. (Casandra Y.) Bridges, lot 5 Country View Estates, $210,000.

Jeff (Joyce) Nott to Rayford Tisdale, Jr. and Desiree S. Davis, lot 1 Gabe Estates subdivision, 2.634 acres, $221,000.

Louis E. (Shirley A.) Burgess to Tony (Katey) Fleenor, Haysville Rd., Lot 13 Dooley Meadows, Ekron, $220,000.

A.Q. Construction, Inc. to Jeremy W. (Jame D.) Fair, lot 426 Doe Valley Greens, $315,000.

Nutrien Ag solutions, Inc. to Robert W. Chism, parcel 2, Ekron, $5,000.

Gracie L. Fackler to Larry (Jessica M.) Jantzen, Green Valley Ranch Rd., Battletown, 5.014 acres, $19,000.

12/29: John (Kimberley) Hardesty to Levi A. (Kristin M.) Peters, lot 37 Haynes Estates, Brandenburg, $92,200.

Tony D. (Katey R.) Fleenor to MVP, LLC, HWY 144, 1.2 acres, $200,000.

Steve (Vada) Wardrip to Donald W. Wardrip, tract 1 and 3, Old Ekron Rd., 3.67 acres, transfer from parent to child.

David B. (Jonell M.) Dailey to RRHB, LLC, HWY 79, Guston, $105,000.

12/30: Michael (Hyon S.) Delaven to Michael A. (Lauren N.) Kirby, tract 1 & 2 Brown Estates, Tom Brown Rd., Vine Grove, $260,000.

Doug (Kristy) Mattingly to Kase Mattingly and Raley Johnson, Newton Rd., Guston, 5.75 acres, $90,000.

Melissa Cummings, Michael L. Pickett, and Sue C. Cummings to Tim (Gena) Hockman, lot 18 & 48 English Estates, Brandenburg, $40,500.

Dennis W. Poole and William E. Poole to Gary (Bobbi J.) Poole, Cherokee Spur Rd., 12.002 acres, $42,000.

Barbara J. Staples to Brandon T. (Ashley A.) Vowels, lot 1 Lakeview Estates, Vine Grove, $150,000.

Timothy Jackson to Timothy H. (Shannon K.) Compton, lot 1 Eagle Nest Estates, Ekron, $85,000.

Gary L. (Elizabeth Jo R.) Lancaster to Cameron S. (Emily J.) Redmon, Vine Grove, 89.8 acres, $583,800 contract for deed.

01/04: Kevin M. (Kylee R.) Ohlrich to Erica M. Whitehead and Damien L. Platt, Shot Hunt Road, Vine Grove, $187,000.

Vicki M. (Stephen L.) Spink to April M. Goesman and Joseph N. George, HWY 79, Brandenburg, 1.334 acres, $305,000.

Doe Valley Association, Inc. to Steven G. (Diane) Robinson, lot 16 Cedar Point Subdivision, Doe Valley, $89,000.

Doe Valley Association, Inc. to Dwayne S. (Kellie A.) Cundiff, lot 214 & 215 Doe Valley Greens, $15,500.

James K. (Cheri Lynn E.) Greer to J. Larry (Margarita) Edelen Living Trust, Bee Knob Hill Rd., Ekron, 142.481 acres, $359,764.53.

Craig R. (Tracie) Dawson to Melissa A. Robertson, lot 95, 96, & 97 Harris Heights Subdivision, Muldraugh, $100,000.

Danny L. (Mary A.) Stankiewicz to Raymond L. Essex, Old State Rd., Brandenburg, $247,500.

Greg (Brenda) Barnes to Ben J. Grinnell, 1.23 acres, Coleman Rd., Vine Grove, $144,000.

McGehee Humphrey & Davis, LLC to Shelbi Humphrey, lot 33 & 34 Sunny Meadows Subdivision, Hobbs-Reesor Rd., $17,000.

Jason L. Humphrey to Johnathan Rhodes, lot 1 Kirksey Minor Plat, 2.125 acres, $125,000.

01/05: The Estate of Arthur C. Elzy, Sr. to Michael J. (Katie L.) Richardson, lot 12 Forest Acres Subdivision, HWY 228, 12 acres, $24,000.

Dennis M. (Pamela J.) Halcomb, Ryan (Jennifer) Glenn and Klarissa L. Holcomb to Ford Real Estate Investments, LLC, lot 17 Country View Estates, HWY 144, Garrett, 1.5931 acres, $10,000.

Hager & Pike, LLC to Pike & Tucker, LLC, Irvington-Guston Rd., Guston, 1.898 acres, $39,000.

Juanita S. Boorman to Burrell A. (Samantha K.) Gerbine, lot 46 Doe Valley Greens, $6,000.

01/06: Estate of Robert A. Crutcher to Virginia L. Thompson, tract 6 Hill Grove Farms, $20,000.

Joseph D. (Karen L.) Stiff to Rena M. Singleton and Paul E. Argabright, lot 35 Southern Park Addition, Brandenburg, $57,000.

Matthew E. Adams to David L. (Brittany) Layton, lot 11 Hide-a-way Hills Estates, $8,000.

01/07: Richardson Investments USA, LLC to L. Douglas (Cynthia) Hornback, lot 6 Hobbs Estates, 4.095 acres, $8,810.03

Mark L. Clardy and Iris B. Cooper to Gregory A. (Susan R.) Popham, lot 13 Twin Fawn Estates, Brandenburg, $19,500.

Mary H. Dickie to Gregory A. (Susan R.) Popham, lot 14 Twin Fawn Estates, Brandenburg, $19,500.

01/08: Joseph E. (Mary F.) Pike and Estate of John Bernard Pike to William J. Pike, Rhodelia Rd., 2.011 acres, $5,403.56.

Mary J. (J.W.) Wethington to Donna J. Barr and Charles L. McGehee, Ferry Hill Rd., Brandenburg, 5.18 acres, love and affection-mother to children.

Janice L. Carr to Anthony (Pilar) Schredder, lot 67 & 68 Flaherty Heights Subdivision, Vine Grove, $80,000.

Estate of Della Kay Roberts to Pike & Pike Landholdings, LLC, lot 22 Allen Heights, Brandenburg, $116,000.


*All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law*




01/11: Johnathan P. Dutton, 57, Chesapeake, VA, theft by unlawful taking or disp auto - $500 or more but u/$10,000.

01/12: David G. Roberts, 58, Brandenburg, possession controlled substance, 1st offense (methamphetamine); drug paraphernalia - buy/possess.

01/13: Michael F. Faro, 54, Brandenburg, terroristic threatening, 3rd degree; possession controlled substance, 1st degree, 1st offense (methamphetamine).

01/13: James R. Dunlap, 36, Cox’s Creek, KY, failure to appear x2.

01/16: Zachary S. Morgan, 34, Irvington, operating motor vehicle u/influence of alcohol - 2nd (agg cir); failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st offense.

01/17: Austin T. Bynum, 26, Elizabethtown, operating motor vehicle u/influence controlled substance - 1st.

01/17: Lacee J. Tate-Hardy, 26, Brandenburg, Assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) minor injury.



01/13: Joshua L. Cash, 21, Brandenburg, wanton endangerment - 1st degree; tampering with physical evidence.

01/16: Susan W. Rhodes, 54, Brandenburg, robbery, 2nd degree; assault, 4th degree (no visible injury.



01/17: Annie R. Napier, 35, Washington County, IN, reckless driving; wanton endangerment - 1st degree - police officer; fleeing or evading police, 2nd degree (motor vehicle).




01/02: It appears that Robert H. Knott’s right tire left the roadway just prior to 370 Christian Church Rd. It appears that Knott overcorrected causing his vehicle to cross over into the eastbound lane. He struck a tree on the eastbound shoulder. Knott did strike a couple of smaller trees before striking a bigger tree on the passenger side.

The driver was not wearing his seat belt and was located in the passenger side of the vehicle. The driver did have an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person.

It appears that speed may have been a factor in the accident.

01/08: Elijah Q. Hazelwood was travelling on KY 313 toward Brandenburg. Hazelwood slid on the ice-covered bridge and was unable to regain control before striking the guardrail. Note: deputy did not witness the collision.

01/04: Meade County Dispatch received a call regarding a multiple vehicle collision that occurred on the North and Southbound lanes of the Matthew E. Welsh Bridge entering Harrison county Indiana.

Upon the deputy’s arrival to assist, a secondary collision had occurred on the bridge. The deputy made contact with the driver of Unit 1, Michelle R. King. King stated she was traveling Northbound and the semi in front of her was attempting to brake. King stated she applied her brakes when her truck began to slide due to the bridge being slick. King stated that she collided with the trailer of the semi.

John D. Hoback stated he was traveling Northbound when he noticed the collision ahead, he began to slow down so that he could stop. Hoback stated that King then slid into his trailer.

01/10: Unit 1 was being operated eastbound on Morgan Road. Unit 1 skidded off the ride side of the roadway in a left curve. Unit 1 traveled through a yard, struck a tree, and fence. The operator of unit 1 left the scene before the deputy arrived. The property owner described the vehicle as a beat up green 94-02 GMC 1500 with a toolbox in the bed. The deputy was unable to locate the vehicle.

01/06: Deputy was dispatched to a vehicle collision near the intersection of Rock Ridge Rd and Ferncliff Rd. Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with Amanda Ward. Ward reported that she had parked her truck on the side of the road to unload her cargo when another vehicle passed her and collided with the front of her truck. Ward was the driver of a semi-truck.

Next, the deputy spoke with Thomas Burris. Burris stated that he was passing the parked Semi truck and he did not get over far enough and his Box trailer made contact with the semi-truck. Burris was operating a pickup truck.

01/06: Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with Richard Hazelwood, who stated he was operating a 1999 Ford Pickup, which has not been registered since 2008 because it was his girlfriend’s father’s vehicle who had passed away. Hazelwood stated he picked the vehicle up in Pennsylvania and has failed to register it. Hazelwood stated he also failed to obtain insurance for the vehicle. Hazelwood stated he was traveling North on Old State Rd when his driver’s side front tire came off the vehicle and struck an oncoming vehicle. Hazelwood denied needing EMS.

Next, The Deputy spoke with Timothy Yates, who stated he was operating a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze, traveling South on Old State Rd. Suddenly, the vehicle traveling toward him lost its tire and sparks were coming from the other vehicle, then the tire struck his vehicle, and he exited the roadway to the right stopping in the ditch. Yates was in the vehicle with his girlfriend Lakietha Lucas and Lakietha’s 2-month-old daughter. Meade County EMS evaluated the 2-month-old for injuries.

01/05: Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with Rebecca Macey, who stated she was traveling South on Midway Rd in her Dodge and was making a left turn onto Haysville Rd when she collided with the other vehicle. Macey denied needing any medical attention and left the scene with her mother.

Next, the deputy spoke with Nolan Hardesty. Hardesty reported that he was traveling West on Haysville Rd in his Dodge pickup when he observed the other vehicle pulling out at the intersection of Midway Rd and the vehicle struck the passenger side of his truck.

Jeremy Compton stated he was behind Hardesty’s vehicle and he witnessed Macey pull out and strike Hardesty’s vehicle.