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01/18/2021 15:04

On 18 January 2021 at 1506 hrs., [the deputy] was dispatched to a two-vehicle collision at the intersection on HWY 313 and Rabbit Run Rd.

Upon arrival, [the deputy] spoke with Therese Jolley (redacted). Jolley stated she was traveling South on Rabbit Run Rd crossing HWY 313 at the intersection in her vehicle. When another vehicle struck her vehicle. Jolley denied needing medical attention.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with Jennifer Grubbs (redacted). Grubbs stated she was traveling East on HWY 313 towards Vine Grove in her vehicle when another vehicle pulled out in front of her. Grubbs tried to avoid the vehicle but made contact with the vehicle in her lane of travel. Also in Grubbs’ vehicle was Jeremiah Grubbs (redacted). Both Grubbs and her son Jeremiah denied needing medical attention.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with Patrick Pack (redacted). Pack stated he was traveling West on HWY 313 when he observed a vehicle pull out in front of him crossing HWY 313 and it looked like they didn’t even notice the vehicle coming towards them and the two vehicles collided.

01/16/2021 11:09

Received a call from Barbra Smith stating her son has been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Guston. Spoke to Barbra Smith at the Guston Post Office who was currently on the phone with her son. He stated to her he could see a railroad crossing. Deputies went to the CSX RR crossing on KY710 and observed a vehicle in the ditch that appeared to have stuck a tree. Upon arrival, spoke to Zachary Morgan who stated he didn’t need medical treatment and didn’t have insurance.

Further in the investigation, [the deputy] could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from Morgan, Zachary’s person.

PBT showed presence of Alcohol. [the deputy] arrested Morgan by placing him in wrist restraints, double-locked and transported him to Meade County Detention Center. Reading of Implied conducted. Morgan declined to speak with attorney. After observation period, Morgan agreed to breath test, First test showed mouth alcohol. Second test failed due to my error, third test certified (redacted). Subject was transported to Breckinridge County Hospital for medical clearance per Meade County Detention Center policy. Subject declined blood test at his own expense.

01/15/2021 08:44

Autumn M. Edge was traveling east in the 2000 block of Woodland Rd. while Charlotte K. Medley was traveling west in the 2000 block of Woodland Rd. Autumn M. Edge stated that she took her eyes off of the road briefly, looked up, over-corrected, and side-swiped Charlotte K. Medley.

Both parties refused medical treatment.


01/12/2021 19:27

Unit 1 was traveling westbound on Coleman Rd. unit 1 was being operated by Hannah Pelis. Unit 2 was traveling Southbound on Flaherty Rd. (KY-144). Unit 2 was being operated by Sara Cummings.

Pelis advised that she was stopped at the stop sign on Coleman Rd. Pelis stated that she was Unit 2 approaching and thought she had enough time to make a left turn.

S. Cummings advised that she just turned onto Flaherty Rd. and saw Unit 1 at the stop sign. S. Cummings advised as she was approaching the intersection, Unit 1 began to move into the intersection. S. Cummings advised that she just went into the other lane to avoid hitting Unit 1. Unit 1 struck the rear passenger door area of Unit 2.

01/02/2021 23:37

Unit 1 was being operated westbound on Christian Church Rd. Unit 1 was being operated by Robert Knott.

It appears that Robert H. Knott’s right tires left the roadway just prior to (redacted). It appears that Robert H. Knott over-corrected causing his vehicle to cross over the eastbound lane. Robert H. Knott struck a tree on the eastbound shoulder. Robert H. Knott did strike a couple of smaller trees before striking a bigger tree on the passenger side.

Robert H. Knott was not wearing his seat belt and was located in the passenger side of the vehicle. Robert H. Knott did have an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person.

It appears that speed may have been a factor in the accident.

01/10/2021 15:39

On 10 January 2021 at 1541 hrs., [the deputy] was dispatched to a single-vehicle accident on Big Spring Rd.

Upon arrival, there was a vehicle overturned in the center of the road. Meade County EMS had the operator of the vehicle in the ambulance. The operator identified herself as Kaitlin Knoop. Knoop reported that she was ejected from the vehicle when it entered the ditch on the left side of the road. The vehicle proceeded to go through a telephone pole and down an embankment where it re-entered the roadway and overturned (153.5 Feet until final rest). Still inside the vehicle was Easton Teasley her son in a forward-facing child seat. The vehicle behind Knoop called 911 and retrieved the child from the vehicle. Knoop and Teasley were transported to BHH to be evaluated for further injuries.


1/11: Josh (Brittany L.) Adams to Glendell (Alexandria) Walker III, lot 4 Fairway Subdivision, $121,000.

Pedro (Elvira) Reyes to Harold Young, Shot Hunt Road, Flaherty, 4 acres, $250,000.

Monica S. Padgett to Anthony W. (May Leeann M.) Brown, Rodgers Lake Rd., Vine Grove, $237,000.

McGehee Humphrey & Davis, LLC to Jack S. (Christina M.) Rupe, lot 35 Otter Ridge Estates, 2.06 acres, $19,900.

Doe Valley Association, INC. to Linda K. Hartman, lot 20 Cedar Point, Doe Valley, $85,000.

1/12: Leo (Joetta) Padgett to Kelly (Kelli) Padgett, Old Fort Ave., Flaherty, 60.1 acres, $360,000.

Kentucky Land Holdings of Radcliff, LLC to Raymond (Mildred) Craig, lot 17 Millstead Subdivision, $10,000.

1/13: Patrick J. Delaney to Michael P. Delaney, Sand Ridge Road, Flaherty, 17.908 acres, conveyance between parent and child.

Leo (Joetta) Padgett to Kurt (Jennifer) Padgett, Old Fort Ave., Flaherty, 4.2 acres, $25,200.

1/14: Rita J. Medley to Brooke Medley, Old Flaherty Rd., 1.25 acres, transfer between grandparent and grandchild.

Henry L. (Mary J.) Padgett to Donald Padgett, Old Fort Ave., Flaherty, 0.633 acres, $3,000.

James R. (Leslie R.) Higginbotham to Joseph R. Rhodes, 53 acres, $95,400.

1/19: Travis (Sarah) Shacklette to Robert N. (Danielle B.) Wiltshire, Jarboe Sinks Road, Rhodelia, 7.58 acres, $38,619.

Leo (Joetta) Padgett to David W. (Nancy L.) Padgett, Old Fort Ave., Flaherty, 14 acres, $84,000.

Susan L. Hancock to Stephen E. (Jamie E.) Cundiff, Sunny Lane, Ekron, 7.138 acres, $15,000.

Paul J. Fackler and Margaret Fackler to Celeste Hardesty, Hardesty Raymond Roas, 3.619 acres, love and affection for a niece and granddaughter.

The Estate of Charles A. Redmon to Crag R. (Tracie L.) Dawson II, lot 16 Parkview Estates, $246,000.

William T. Price to Argabright Service Center, LLC, HWY 933, Brandenburg, 11.613 acres, $100,000.

1/20: Charle E. (Jennifer K.) Foushee to Danielle F. Anderson, Charles J. Foushee and Clarissa F. Lucas, lot 6 Lyons’ Den Subdivision, 3.342 acres, love and affection for children.

Paul Stull Building & Remodling to Christopher (Cynthia) Kehl, lot 3 Cedar Point Estates, Doe Valley, $319,000.

Robert S. (Vicky L.) Davis to Jordan C. (Kristin F.) Alexander, lot 67 The Station Subdivision, $199,000.

David R. (Victoria R.) Greer, Jr. to Donnie JP (Candice A.) Hopkins, lot 198 Doe Valley Greens, $195,000.

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