Public Record


1/21: Warren H. (Patricia) Shiroma to Jason T. (Kendra M.) Mattingly, HWY 448, 10.1 acres, $90,000.

Howard Enterprises, Inc. to Arthur W. Howard, Jr., Lot 24 Ferncliff, $6,300.

The Estate of James R. Bennett to Ron (Althea) McKinney, Bar-water Road, 0.99 acres, $198,000.

Anthony D. (Lana K.) Etienne to Troy M. (Catherine) Arnold, Roach Road, 27.665 acres, $27,665.

Scott D. (Jessica) Allen, Timothy L. (Karen) Allen and Randy H. Allen to Jason Humphrey, Old Sand Ridge Road, Flaherty, 2.71 acres, $25,000.

Jimmy D. (Kathleen M.) Lee to Joseph K. (Karen M.) Clements, Lots 179 & 180 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $140,000.

1/22: Jason Bandy to Sandra Reichard and James Roy, Lot 167 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $2,000.

Cindy J. Fuqua, Paul Dean and David A. Fuque to Jennifer Rhodes, Danny Rhodes, Jalen Hardcastle and Kristin Hardcastle, Lot 8 Southern Park Addition, Brandenburg, $40,000.

John W. Hardin and Janet Stewart to Daniel (Tarrah) Hardin, Sandy Hill Road, Guston, 138 4/10 acres, $395,000.

Steve Redmon Construction, Inc. to David O. (Angela F.) Bevins, Lot 4 Ritchie Farm, Ekron, $294,439.

T & J Price Properties, Inc. to Glen T. (Mary W.) Hobbs, Lot 7 Buck Knobs Subdivision, 1.578 acres, $270,600.

Elizabethtown Properties, LLC to Kenneth A. Hardesty, HWY 376, Payneville, Grocery Tract 0.196 acres, Hardware Tract ) 0.316 acres, $62,000.

Vakel S. (Shelia) Bennett to Michael Sloat, Christian Church Road, Brandenburg, 5.88 acres, $355,000.

1/25: OV PROP, LLC to Jerry R. (Sherry W.) Lancaster, Lot 80 the Station Subdivision, $143,700.

David Whelan, Tiffany Rick and Irving O. Robles, as Trustees of Flaherty Baptist Church to The Vine Community Church, Inc., Lot 3 Meadow Glenn Subdivision, Flaherty, $111,718.26.

Estate of Melvin Edward Lawson to Gene. (Rhonda) Thompson, HWY 1238, 0.77 acre, $29,000.

John R. (Leslie V.) Clater to Troy Fackler, Lot 1 Vowels Place, 0.618 acres, $10,000.

1/26: The Estate of Gordon Board to Steven V. (Wendy M.) Gaskins, Jr., Stith Valley Road, 0.55 acres, $44,000.

Steven L. (Michelle S.) Campbell to Jeremy (Darjanikk) Ball, Lot 5 Otter Creek Estates, $285,000.

Daniel B. (Dawn R.) Cole and Stacy R. (Susanne E.) Cole to Tyler W. Cole, 7.36 acres, Kings Landing Road, $80,000.

Thomas F. Whitehall to W. Douglas (Donna K.) Reed, Tract 66 Creek View Estates, $32,000.

Philip B. Brockman to Shirley G. Barger, Unit 25, Building 5 Lakeview Condominiums, $160,000.

Dennis G. (Laura M.) Barr, Kenneth W. (Virginia A.) Barr and Kurt A. (Donna J.) Barr to Creekside Campsite LLC, HWY 3139, Concordia, 3.768 acres, $136,000.

Joel C. Blehar and Mendi Skeeters to Ben Sipes and Michell L. Arnold, Lot 4A French Farm Division, Flaherty $159,000.

Woodson C. (Theresa L.) Washburn to Farmers Spray On Insulation, LLC, Lot 9 Rambling Ridge Subdivision, $25,000.

C. Leverin Askins to Ray Milo Homes, LLC, Lot 24 Rolling Heights Subdivision, $155,000.


*All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law*



1/29: Brett P. Terry, 38, Webster, assault, 1st degree (domestic violence); violation of a Kentucky EPO/DVO; unlawful imprisonment – 1st degree.

2/01: Natasha S. Gillespie, 36, Elizabethtown, failure to appear.



1/20: Christina L. Keith, 33, Brandenburg, contempt of court libel/slander resistance to order.

1/23: Brandon L. Rhodes, 27, Brandenburg, no registration plates.

1/26: Ralph W. Clater, 29, Leitchfield, Leitchfield, failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st offense; possession of marijuana; drug paraphernalia-buy/possess; operating vehicle with expired operator’s license; failure to appear.



1/24: James D. Hazelwood, Jr., 45, Louisville, failure to appear, citation for misdemeanor; probation violation (for misdemeanor offense).

1/28: Joseph I. Coatley, 21, Louisville, assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) minor injury.



1/27: Andrew J. Butt, 32, Ekron, probation violation (for felony offense).

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