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1/28: Jim Hines to Adam J. (Kristin K.) Benham, lot 5 & 6 Hunters Forest Subdivision, 2.721 acres, $54,000.

Shirley A. Faust, Irrevocable Trust to Michael. A. (Diana J.) O’Bryan, Whitney A. (Christy R.) O’Bryan and Benjamin M. O’Bryan, Hwy 230, 8.727 acres, Concordia, $43,000.

1/29: John D. (Judy A.) Hardesty to Christopher D. (Journey M.) Neitzel, lots 52, 53, 54 Woodson Pointe, Turkey View, Batttletown, $26,347.50.

Edwin C. Wooden (Norma L.) Wooden to Meade County/Brandenburg Industrial Development Authority, lot 21 Wilson Place Subdivision, $20,000.

Mary C. Barr to Richard (Megan) Nelson, Jewett Lane, Brandenburg, $232,600.

Estate of Joyce R. Scobee to Laura L. Scobee, Hill Grove Road, 1.2 acres.

2/1: Steven M. (Katelyn R.) Applegate to Matthew R. (Heather) Brian, lot 4 Green Meadows Estates, $251,000.

Thomas Fackler to Donald J. Fackler, Hwy 376, Webster, $68,600.

2/02: Michael L. (Mellisa) Pickett and Sue C. Cummings to Eric R. (Dana M.) Vanover, Lot 28 English Estates, $21,000.

Amanda M. Sturgeon to Jerry R. (Patricia J.) Davis, HWY 230, Concordia, $145,000.

2/03: Anthony Harrington and Teresa B. Harrington to John (Carol) Flannigan, 1.52 acres, $2,500.

Cassandra K. Punjack and Thomas (Teresa L.) Punjack to Derick J. (Heather C.) Reed, KY 1882, 1.31 acres, $129,000.

Phyllis M. Erickson and James (Bobbie J.) Vessels to James W. (Bobbie J.) Vessels, Blair Road, Brandenburg, 3 acres, $165,000.


*All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law*



2/02: Troy Arnold, 32, Payneville, assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) no visible injury.

2/05: Billy J. Mattingly, Jr., 32, Louisville, failure to appear x4.

2/08: Damian Maron, 27, Shepherdsville, failure to appear, citation for misdemeanor.



2/03: Clara Crafton, 29, Shepherdsville, failure to appear.




02/03: Dennis Compton, 29, Louisville, burglary, 2nd degree; criminal mischief 2nd degree; tbut or disp all others $500 or more but u/$10,000


2/05: Jeffery Oliver, 33, Irvington, theft by deception-include cold checks u/$500; burglary, 3rd degree; receiving stolen property u/$500; persistent felony offender II; failure to appear; failure to appear.

2/05: Melissa Mckay, 50, Brandenburg, failure to appear; failure to appear; failure to appear; probation violation (for felony offense)



02/08: Daniel Brown, 37, Battletown, reckless driving; oper mtr vehicle u/infl subst - 1st; operating on sus or rev oper license; leaving scene of accident-failure to render aid or assistance; failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st offense.


2/09: Kody Timberlake, 21, Ekron, contempt of court libel/slander resistance to order.




1/17: On 01/17/2021 Meade County Dispatch received a call at approximately 1548 hrs. of a motor vehicle accident with injuries near the 6400 block of KY 79 Guston Ky.

Upon arrival, [the deputy] observed Unit 1, operated by Brenda Wooden, had crossed from the westbound lane into the eastbound lane and struck Unit 2 (driven by Leonard Moore).

[The deputy] spoke with Leonard Moore regarding what happened. Moore stated that he was traveling eastbound approaching the curve when he noticed Wooden in his lane. Moore attempted to avoid the collision but stated: “he did not have time to react before colliding with Wooden.”

A witness to the collision Jennifer Henderson stated she was traveling eastbound behind Moore. Henderson stated that Wooden was completely in the eastbound lane approaching Moore. Henderson stated that she slowed down to avoid the collision. Henderson stated that Wooden then struck Moore.

Moore stated that his granddaughter (Reagan Stinnet) was sitting in the back of the pickup in her car seat. Moore stated that Michael Sean Decaussin was sitting in the front passenger seat. Moore stated that everyone in the pickup was wearing seat belts.

Moore and both passengers were not injured in the accident. All refused medical treatment but were checked out by EMS on scene.

Wooden was pronounced deceased at the scene by Meade County Coroner.

NOTE: Deputy did not witness collision

1/21: On 01/21/2021 at approximately 1744, Meade County Dispatch received a call of a motor vehicle non-injury accident at the intersection of KY 313 and KY 144 Flaherty Rd.

Upon arrival, [the deputy] made contact with the driver (Clinton Langley) of unit 1. Langley stated that he was making a left hand turn North onto KY 313. Langley stated that he thought the intersection was clear and did not see unit 2. Langley stated his vehicle then struck unit 2.

[The deputy] then spoke to the driver (Joseph Rice) of unit 2. Rice stated that he was traveling south on KY 313 passing through the intersection of KY 144 Flaherty Rd when Langley pulled out and struck his vehicle.

A witness at the scene (Jennifer Brown) stated she was behind Langley when the accident occurred. Brown stated that Rice was in the middle of the intersection when Langley pulled out to turn left and struck Rice.

1/22: On listed date and time, [the deputy] arrived at KY1638 (Old Mill Rd) for a report of a motor vehicle accident non-injury. Spoke with the operator of unit 1 who was identified as Kenneth Wayne III who stated while traveling east on KY1638 he did not observe unit 2 stopped and making a left-hand turn. That is when he struck unit 2.

Unit 2 driver James Brown stated he was approaching his shop when he turned his left turn signal on and started to slow down. That is when he felt unit 1 strike the rear of his vehicle.

1/23: Unit 1 was being operated northbound on KY 313. Ty B. Thompson was being operated northbound on KY 313 in front of Clarence J. Saylor. The Clarence J. Saylor stated the Ty B. Thompson locked his braked up, causing him to hit Ty B. Thompson. The Clarence J. Saylor told me he was at least two car lengths behind Ty B. Thompson prior to the collision. The Ty B. Thompson stated Clarence J. Saylor was following too closely and he “tapped” his brakes. The Ty B. Thompson stated his brakes locked up. When [THE DEPUTY] asked if his brakes do that sometimes, he stated yes, because he has transmission fluid in his brake lines. [THE DEPUTY] asked the Ty B. Thompson to check his brakes for me and they were not locked up when [THE DEPUTY] observed the vehicle. [THE DEPUTY] also observed the brake lights working on Ty B. Thompson.

1/28: Cheyanne S. Lanham stated that she was starting to go around a curve then the vehicle spun around, and she went off the roadway striking some trees. Note: Deputy did not witness the collision.

1/29: On 29 January 2021 at 1505 HRS, [the deputy] was dispatched to a vehicle collision at the intersection of HWY 313 and US 60.

Upon arrival, [the deputy] spoke with Alice Vaught. Vaught stated that she was traveling North on HWY 313 in her vehicle. When she was traveling through the intersection with a green light, a white pickup pulling a trailer pulled out from Southbound HWY 313 making a turn onto US 60 East and she collided with the side of the trailer.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with William Mills. Mills stated he was traveling South on HWY 313 and making a left turn onto US 60 East when the light turned green. Mills stated he tried to speed up when he saw the oncoming traffic, but he did not get through the intersection fast enough before the light green car hit his trailer.

2/01: On 01 February 2021 at 1602 HRS, [the deputy] was dispatched to a two-vehicle collision at the intersection of HWY 313 and Rabbit Run Rd.

Upon arrival, firefighters and EMS were getting Julie Jordan out of the driver’s seat of her vehicle. Julie stated she was operating the vehicle and she was transported by EMS due to her injuries.

Next, [the deputy] spoke with Colleen Dreyfus. Colleen stated that she was traveling North on HWY 313 in her vehicle when the red car was at the intersection of Rabbit Run Rd at the stop sign facing HWY 313. The red car pulled out in front of her and she could not stop fast enough before she collided with the vehicle. Colleen denied needing medical attention.

Witness Brenda Skaggs-Smith stated the red car was crossing HWY 313, stopped at the stop sign, began traveling straight across the highway, and it pulled out in front of the blue car which collided with it. Brenda was traveling on HWY 313 when she observed the accident.

2/02: On 02 February at 1848 HRS, [THE DEPUTY] was dispatched to a hit and run collision at the intersection of Haysville RD and Brandenburg RD.

Upon arrival, [THE DEPUTY] spoke with Masherra Warren. Warren stated that she was traveling North on Brandenburg Rd in her vehicle. Warren stated that a pickup truck did not stop at the stop sign at the end of Haysville rd. and went straight into the ditch causing her to slam on her brakes and steer into the opposing lane of traffic to avoid colliding straight into the pickup. Warren stated that her vehicle’s front passenger side collided with the rear passenger’s side of the pickup. Warren then pulled over into the parking lot and the other vehicle drove away. Warren denied needing medical attention.

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