Public Record


*All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law*



 2/23: Ricky Blaylock, 36, Pittwood, IL, traff in cont sub, 1st degree, 1st off - (<2 gms methamphetamine); promoting contraband - first degree; persistent felony offender.

 2/24: Mathew J. Miller, 45, Rising Sun, IN, violation of conditions of release.

 3/02: Heather T. Peters, 34, Brandenburg, probation violation (misdemeanor offense).



 2/21:Anthony Williams,28, Louisville, violation of a Kentucky epo/dvo.

 2/24:Chanda L. Balmer, 39, Elizabethtown, non-payment of court costs, fees or fines.

 2/28:Keaitlynn L. Allen, 20, Brandenburg, no brake lights, no ooperators license, no registration plates; failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st offense; theft of motor vehicle registration plate.


 2/12: Rodney A. Wash, 52, Louisville, failure to appear x2.

 2/23: William L. Lee, 56, Ekron, probation violation (for felony offense).

 2/28: Kristian A. Thomas, 36, Guston, criminal trespassing - 2nd degree; resisting arrest; burglary, 2nd degree.


 2/19:Jessica M. Ditto, 24, Brandenburg, theft by unlawful taking or disp auto u/$500.

 2/26:James Mahoney, 19, Louisville, poss of marijuana; unlawful transaction w/minor 3rd degree; no insurance “obs.”

 2/26:Shannon Grosskopf, 51, Irvington, oper mtr vehicle u/infl alc – 1st offense.

 2/26:Dakota L. Clayton, 22, Brandenburg, traffic marijuana <8 oz., 2 >offense; drug paraphernalia - buy/possess.




2/26: Robert Strange, 50, Brandenburg, probation violation (for misdemeanor offense).


2/12: Jeffery A (Joyce) Nott to Shelby Arbaugh and Kyle Mattingly, lot 5 Gabe Estates, 2.091 acres, Ekron, $220,000.

Joseph R. (Meranda) Stull to Christopher J. (Lauren M.) Pruitt, lot 968 Wildflower Ridge, Doe Valley, $242,000.

Terry V. (Diana S.) Sketo to William L. (Margaret L.) Hardesty, HWY 376, 184 acres, Webster, $640,000.

Jerry W. (Amy) Jones, Jr. to David L. (Michelle) Teel, Jr., tract 1 Hobbs Farm Subdivision, 1.21 acres, $270,700.

Mary D. Khoshnood to Rick (Candy) Hardesty, unit 28 Lakeview Condominiums, Brandenburg, $159,000.

SBL to William J. Wright, HWY 60, Guston, $184,000.

 2/17: Michael H. (Carrie A.) English, Frederick C. (Mary A.) Ackiss, and Eunice Goodman to Aaron Ammons, lot 18-A Doe Haven Estates, Ekron, $172,500.

Mark A. (Kimberly J.) Bruner to Zach E. Flaherty, lot 18 Rolling Heights Subdivision, $231,000.

Pike & Tucker, LLC to William C. (Krista C.) McCormick, lot 3 minor subdivision plat, 1.58 acres, $27,500.

Alvin R. (Donna) Withem to Kevin E. (Sherry) Durall, lot 4A & C, Mary Haynes Division, 6 acres, $365,000.

RCG Investments to Joshua Perkins, Cedar Flat Road, 2.253 acres, Battletown, $150,000.

Goodin Group Properties to Valentino (Jessica) Copass, lot 353 & 359 Greenbrier, Doe Valley, $250,000.

Sheriff’s Accident Reports

 1/26: Martha F. Krimm stated that she was driving east on KY 1638 behind Sylvia A. Baker-Noren. Krimm stated that she looked over at her passenger seat (at maybe her banana) and when she looked back up Baker-Noren had slowed to make a right hand turn onto Crystal Lane. Krimm stated she was unable to slow down and collided with Baker-Noren. Baker- Noren stated that she was traveling east only 1638 when she signaled for a right hand turn onto Crystal Lane. Baker stated she slowed at the intersection and Krimm collided with her.

 1/26: William L. Embry was traveling northbound on Big Spring Rd. Fred E. Blankenship was traveling northbound on Big Spring Rd. behind Embry. Blankenship stated that he saw a round bale of hay in the road but did not see it until the last second. He stated he tried swerving around the bale of hay. He stated that he was in the southbound lane when he saw another vehicle heading towards him in the southbound lane. He stated that he got back into the northbound land and struck the hay bale. He stated at this time he realized that the bale of hay was attached to a tractor. He advised that


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the tractor did have its lights on but could not see that lights due to the round bale of hay on the rear of the tractor. Embry advised that he was taking a round bale of hay to his house. He advised that he had a round bale of hay in the rear of the tractor. He advised he did have his lights flashing. He stated that he saw Blankenship approaching him at a high rate of speed. He stated that he thought he was going to miss his tractor but struck the rear/side of his tractor. A witness stated he was traveling southbound on Big Spring Rd. He stated that he did not see the tractor until Blankenship’s headlights were shining on the tractor. He stated that he then saw Blankenship get over into his lane. He stated that it appeared that Blankenship was traveling at a high rate of speed. He stated that he drove off the road and into the ditch line to avoid Blankenship. He stated that he did not see the tractor’s lights flashing until after the collision.

1/27: Before deputy’s arrival, Meade county Dispatch advised that a male subject had fled the scene on foot wearing a blue hoodie. Upon arrival, deputy made contact with the driver of unit 2, Jaimie L. Sturgeon and passenger, Jason R. Hensley. Sturgeon and Hensley both stated that they were traveling north on Shumate Rd. when a vehicle sideswiped their truck, ripping the rear reinforcement bumper off the Budget Rental truck. The other vehicle was located in a field below the roadway with a large tear in the front bumper from impact with unit 2. Both the driver’s side and passenger side front airbags had deployed. A deputy made contact with a male subject, who is the registered owner of the vehicle, Jeffrey R. Hook. Hook stated that he was not driving the vehicle and could not advise who the driver was. Hook stated that he took off running because he lost his cell phone during the wreck. Hook stated he ran to his mother’s house which was close by to use her phone. Hook stated that the vehicle was traveling south and had left the edge of the roadway, overcorrected and struck Sturgeon before leaving the roadway into the field.

1/27: William S. Livers stated that he was slowing down because another vehicle, in front of him, was turning left while traveling northbound on KY 313. Livers stated as he was slowing down when Isaiah J. Sanderson struck the rear of his vehicle. Sanderson stated that he saw Livers applying his brakes. He stated that he tried to apply his brakes, and his vehicle began to slide. Sanderson stated that he was unable to stop his vehicle and slid into the rear of Livers.

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