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Put comfort first at prom

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 Promgoers put a lot of thought into who they ask to prom, who they will sit with and which festivities they’ll engage in when the prom is over.

 Much attention is also given to prom attire and prom photos. Formal gowns and tuxedos tend to dominate prom attire, and such clothing can stretch prom budgets. According to a CNN survey of more than 1,000 parents of prom-aged teenagers, families in the Northeastern United States pay an average of $1,500 on prom, while Midwestern American families spend around $700.

 While promgoers may focus most of their attention on looking good, comfort also should be considered when choosing prom attire.


 Shoes may not be foremost on the minds of promgoers, but the wrong footwear can turn an enjoyable night into one you want to cut short. It’s difficult to enjoy yourself when ill-fitting or uncomfortable shoes spoil the evening. While uncomfortable shoes may be most associated with young women, they can be problematic for young men as well.

 When trying on shoes, wear the socks or stockings you intend to wear to prom. Bare feet can chafe in new shoes, so if you plan on going without a layer between the shoe and foot, invest in some moleskin or dust your feet with cornstarch to prevent irritation.

 Feet can swell after dancing or standing for a few hours, so think about going up a size if shoes barely fit when you try them on.

 Discomfort may be more likely when wearing stiletto heels or stiff shoes. Add height through platform shoes that may be more comfortable, and choose supple shoe materials that will bend and conform to feet.


 Well-fitting clothing is another way to be comfortable at prom. If you are continually tugging at the top of a slipping dress or if your suit pants are too long, you may be more inclined to sit and avoid the fun.

 Move around while trying on potential prom clothing. Raise your arms and bend down or sit. See if the clothing is too constrictive or if it rides up or becomes too revealing.

 Layer clothing by wearing a suit jacket or bringing a