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Randal Board graveside service and endowment

Gerry Fischer:



 Meade County native Randal Board, 99 of Stockbridge, Ga., was laid to rest in Cap Anderson Cemetery Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020. Funeral services were held in Ga., by Ford-Stewart Funeral Home, Jan. 25, and graveside services were shared by Bruington-Jenkins-Sturgeon Funeral Home, of Brandenburg. Randal’s wife Peggy, caretaker, Joy Bohannon, cousin Robert “Bobby” Board and his wife June, of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., attended, and Senior Pastor of Walnut Grove Baptist Church, Rick Lauterbach of Lodiburg, Ky., presided over the service. Harvey Board and his wife Barbara, of Navarre, Fla., could not attend due to Harvey’s recent surgery forbidding travel.

 Harvey and Randal Board have a long-standing relationship with the Meade County History Museum. In 2006 an article in the “Meade County Messenger,” concerning formation of the Meade County Historical Society, mentioned establishing a museum. Harvey contacted the “Messenger” which referred him to this writer, who offered to donate to Meade County, what became known, as the Board Collection. Over the years, calls and letters were transmitted to and from, concerning the collection. In 2018, Judge Gerry Lynn, the County Magistrates, and support from Mayor Joyner and City Council, appropriated partial funding for the museum; and, Rena Singleton made space available in the former Meade County Public Library. Just prior to the July 6 museum opening in 2018, Harvey was notified. On July 18, Harvey, Randal, Peggy and Barbara arrived with an extraordinary collection of Meade County history, the oldest piece, a conch shell collected from the beach when the family landed in Virginia, completing their ocean voyage. The shell, a memento of the Boards since the early 1800s, was used to call the workmen from the fields. During their visit, the Board’s got to hear for the first time the sound it made. Shirley Brown, who experimented and learned how it worked, blew the “shell-horn.”

 The entire Board Collection, including WWII artifacts of Randal’s military service, a Board Bible carried in the Civil War, and chairs built prior to 1843, were viewed by the family. Peggy Board then surprised museum personnel, Shirley Brown, Sherrill Williams, and Gerry Fischer by making a magnificent endowment in Randal Board’s name, a testament to the family’s faith in the Meade County Museum.

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