Recycle with Rick: Items you may bring to Meade County Solid Waste & Recycle

By Rick Sturgeon

MCSW&R Coordinator

 Hello friends, neighbors, businesses and all Meade County residents. Hopefully this finds you healthy and free of COVID-19. Our operation has undergone a few procedural changes but, all in all, things are running smoothly as always.

 I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what we do and do not accept at the Meade County Solid Waste & Recycle Center.

 We DO accept the following RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: Aluminum, batteries, brass, cardboard, copper, magazines, milk jugs, newspaper, oil, #1 and #2 plastics, steel and paper. We do not take #3 through #7 plastics. To determine what type of plastic you have, the number is usually located underneath the item. Recyclable material is accepted from Meade County residents and nonresidents at no charge.

 We DO accept HOUSEHOLD WASTE to at our convenience center. We will take your paint cans as long as they are empty or the contents are dried out. There is no charge for residents to dispose of household waste, however, the cost is $.05 per pound for nonresidents.

 We DO accept CONSTRUCTION, BUILDING OR REMODELING MATERIALS including roofing, siding, flooring, wood, drywall, plumbing, siding or insulation. The charges for these materials are $.03 per pound for residents and $.05 per pound for nonresidents.

 We DO NOT ACCEPT Boats, vehicles, Skid steer tracks, large or small, Tobacco trays. Chemicals including gasoline, diesel, acid or kerosene and the tanks of items such as lawn mowers or mini bikes must contain no gasoline, Medical waste of any kind, Refrigerators or freezers may not be disposed of with food inside. Once food is cleaned out and bagged, we will accept the appliance and the bagged food separately.

 Thanks for breaking down your cardboard and placing it in the bins rather than stacking it around them and also for placing your materials in the correct slots. Doing so helps keep our county neat and clean!

 Important Note: Don’t forget to take advantage of our rolloff service. If you would like to rent a box, call us at (270) 422-2868.

Thanks to all of you who recycle at our facility! All of us at MCSWR appreciate the efforts of each and every one of you. Because of you, Meade County’s recycling program continues to be an ongoing success!

 Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!! Visit our main recycle and/or convenience center in Brandenburg or one of our seven satellite locations.

 Let’s all Go Green!! Why not make recycling at the Meade County Solid Waste & Recycle Center a family affair!

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