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Reenactors Breakfast at Moose Family Center

by Trish Turner | Messenger Staff

Brandenburg Moose Family Center hosted a pancake breakfast for Civil War reenactors on Sunday, July 10 from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. On July 9 and 10 the riverfront in Brandenburg was the home for over 194 men, women and children who took part in the Meade County Civil War Days. On Sunday, members of the Moose Family Center, located at 245 Main Street in Brandenburg, prepared a delicious breakfast of pancakes, sausage patties, coffee, orange juice, and milk. Women of the Moose members who prepared the meal were Lori Storms, Becky Dix, Debbie Adcock, and Sherry Leeds. These ladies kept the buffet table stocked with pancakes and sausage for servers Samantha Storms and Terry Leeds. Shane Benham, the administrator of the Moose Family Center, was busy refilling items and overseeing the event.

The reenactors were ferried up to the Moose Family Center from their campsites on a hay wagon provided by the Meade County Civil War Heritage Committee. Each of the reenactors were given a voucher for the breakfast, and they presented them to the servers when they got their breakfast. By the number of vouchers received it was determined that 120 reenactors were served breakfast that morning.

Every two years, the Meade County Civil War Days are held on the riverfront in July, but COVID prevented the event from taking place in 2020. The Brandenburg Moose Family Center has hosted a pancake breakfast for the reenactors for at least three occurrences of the event up to and including 2018. This year, the reenactors could not have any fires at their campsites so they could not cook in their camps as they were accustomed. It rained on Saturday and got chilly that night, so a hot meal was just what they needed to start their day before their next battle reenactment on Sunday. They were very thankful for the hot breakfast and hospitality of the Moose Family Center members. The next Civil War Days will take place in 2024 and plans are already underway for the Moose Family Center to provide breakfast during that event.

Becky Dix, Lori Storms, Sherry Leads and Debbie Adcock were busy in the kitchen.