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Rep. Nancy Tate will not be volunteering at school feeding sites

By Seth Dukes

According to Interim Superintendent Bill Adams, Rep. Nancy Tate will not be volunteering at the Meade County Schools feeding sites.

"Individuals with increased risk or exposure to the coronavirus should not volunteer per public health guidelines," said Adams when asked if the decision directly related to a protest Rep. Tate attended yesterday.

The Meade County School District posted an update to their Facebook page saying that several calls had been received concerning what the district was doing to ensure the safe distribution of food.

"When we become aware that someone has had the potential of being at a higher risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus, we remove them from the feeding program," the update stated. "We want you to feel comfortable that we carefully monitor this process and will ask individuals to not volunteer for additional shifts when we feel the success of our program may be impacted."

Rep. Tate did not immediately respond to requests for comments. We will update this story should she wish to comment.