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Reserving books online at the Meade County Public Library

By Brenna Cooper, Meade County Public Library

 Reserving titles online is quick and easy!

 Go to the Card Catalog: Visit and click the red button on the right-hand side of the screen that says ‘Catalog Search’ (on a mobile device, it is the second red button in the middle).

 Login to Your Account: Click the ‘My Account’ button in the upper right-hand corner (again, in the middle on your mobile device) and enter your barcode number. This is the number on the back of your library card, underneath the barcode. Type in the entire number, with no spaces. After you enter your number, you will need to enter your password. By default, your password is your 8-digit birthday, with no dashes. If you were born on November 6, 2020, your password would be ‘11062020’. You can change your password to whatever you want after you login.

 Your Account: After you login, you can see the details of your Library Account, including the titles you have currently borrowed, reserves you are waiting for, and your circulation history (all the items you’ve borrowed before). You can also change your password from here. When you are ready to find a title to reserve, click ‘Exit My Account Details’ at the upper left (same location on mobile and desktop).

 Searching the Card Catalog: You can browse the catalog from this screen, or search for a particular title or format you wish to borrow. When you have found a title you like, you can click the green ‘Reserve Item’ button to the left (or below, on mobile) of the title. This will complete the reserve. If you want to know more about it before reserving it, you can click on the title to view the item’s description, details, and more. The green ‘Reserve Item’ button is on this page as well. If you search for a book in the card catalog, but cannot find it, give us a call at 270-422-2094. We will take your request and try to get a copy of the book for you.

Waiting to be Called: After you have completed your online reserve, we receive your request at the Library. We will call you as soon as your title is ready for pickup. If you have gotten a new phone number, please ensure we have the correct one so that we can tell you when your items are ready. Do not come before you are called, since your titles will not be ready.

Picking Up Your Titles: After you have been called and told your titles are ready for pickup, you can retrieve them two ways. You can come into the Library (Monday-Thursday: 10am-4pm, Friday 11am-5pm, and Saturday 10am-2:30pm) and tell the staff at the front desk that you’re are picking up a reserve. We will ask for your library card and bring your items to you. You can also get your titles through Curbside Pickup. Drive around to the side of the building next to the Book Drop. At the side door, push the button to ring the bell and get back in your car. Have your ID ready when we come out to see you. After checking your ID, we will retrieve your books and bring them to you.

 If you have any trouble at all reserving your titles, please call us at 270-422-2094, we are always happy to help!