Right side up, or upside down? Tell me please.


Part 3

You can see previously, in part 1 and part 2, what has happened between now and 110 years ago in laws regarding sexual deviations. Six years ago, there was a study on the total number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals. That statistic was given in a percentage based upon the population of 565,000,000 people, or 4.1% of our population. Three years ago, we almost added new restrooms in all the schools, as if elementary children who often experiment sexually out of curiosity (psychologists refer to it as sex play) were homosexuals, bisexuals, cross dressers, and will become transgendered in their adulthood. Preposterous!

Homosexuality has been present in all cultures, and it was looked on in the most negative way by some, as a crime. In less complex societies it is recognized, but simply considered an unproductive act. The Cheyenne Indians had cross dressers (transvestites) known as “women men,” who were often consulted on matters of importance because of the belief they were apart from the human race and therefore more closely in touch with those in the afterlife. But the best that can be said accurately for homosexuality, without injecting morality, “it is at best an unproductive act.” I believe there are women who feel they should be men, and men who feel they should be women. They are God’s own creation and are what they are, and what they were meant to be, or they would not exist.

In a democracy, the majority rules, not the minority. Fortunately, we have a well- crafted constitution that should protect everyone from the dangers of discrimination against people who choose to go another way and follow the beat of a different drummer. Based on the statistical data, Four percent of the population cannot and must not be allowed to drive and dictate to 96 percent of our society. That is madness, and just plain, unfair. People in a racial minority is a different matter, no one can change their race. Life styles are a personal choice. I was alive and seven years-old, when the first transgender person, George Jorgenson became Christine Jorgenson. George was born December 30th, 1926, and died May 3rd, 1988, at the young age of 62. Surgery can make a woman look like a man, and a man a woman; however, remember deep within the brain, wherein that spark of spirit we call a soul, is alive and unchangeable forever. We are what our God and parents made us. While those few unfortunates deserve our sympathy and understanding, they should never expect the overwhelming majority to accept the unnatural. Some things aren’t so easily changed.

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