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Safety Update: TikTok Challenge Dec. 17

The Meade County School District posted this message to Facebook at 8:27AM on December 16, 2021:

"Dear Meade County families:

Currently, there have been no reports in the Meade County School District of any threats to our schools. In case you are not already aware, there are posts on TikTok stating that on Friday, Dec. 17, there is a challenge to call in bomb threats, school shooting threats, etc. at schools across the United States. This activity is illegal and will be prosecuted in our community and school district. The original TikTok challenge was for students to skip school all across the country on December 17. At some point, the social-media challenge was changed to a school shooting threat.

Our local law enforcement continues to support our schools throughout the district with enhanced procedures to identify threats of this nature. Their partnership not only allows for our schools to continue great instruction but has been very effective in identifying responsible parties for events of this nature.

Social media is a powerful tool often used to influence others, and not always for the good. It is always important to remain vigilant when it involves these types of threats. Please take time to talk to your students about the influence of social media and the potential consequences of engaging in this type of behavior. We will continue to take every threat seriously and responsible individuals will face the possibility of suspension or expulsion, and legal consequences for making threats.

We again want to say thank you to the students, parents, and community members who partner with our school district staff and law enforcement to identify and hold students accountable for their actions. We all have a role in keeping our students and community safe. We look forward to these final two great days of instruction in our school district prior to Winter Break."