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Saint Martin’s Remembrance Tree


Messenger Staff

On Nov. 28, Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church held mass just as they always do on Saturday evenings, but three days after parishioners spent the day at their Thanksgiving table, giving thanks for all their blessings, they turned their mind towards remembrance. After the service, a remembrance tree was dedicated just outside the cemetery fence. The live pine tree was donated by Lisa Hobbs in honor of her late husband, Gene Hobbs. The tree was blessed, the Christmas lights were turned on, and parishioners took turns hanging ornaments with messages to lost loved ones written on them. Individuals have continued to hang ornaments on the tree remembering, honoring and celebrating the special people in their lives who are no longer here. It is a terrible thing to lose someone you cherish, but it is a beautiful thing to see a Christmas tree decorated and lit up every night beside the graveyard decorated with ornaments to those lost. Each one uniquely honoring a family member who was loved, cherished but is no longer with us here on earth for Christmas this year.