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Saint Mary’s Annual Church Picnic

by Trish Turner | Messenger Staff

Despite a steady rain, the St. Mary’s Annual Picnic was held on Saturday, July 9 from 3:00 until 7:00 p.m. This year’s picnic was dedicated to the memory of Mickey Chism. Mickey was the picnic chairman for 5 years, then took over as raffle chair until his health began to fail. In addition to his contributions to our picnic, he was responsible for starting the first youth group at St. Mary’s; serving as its first director and started a church youth softball team. He was a member of the men’s prayer group, served as Grand Knight with the Knights of Columbus, and served on parish council. Mickey loved kids. He was always doing something for someone behind the scenes. Mickey was straight forward, didn’t sugar coat much, said the truth whether you liked it or not, but would help a person in need anytime.

The banner to honor Mickey Chism.
Rainy days don’t stop friends from greeting each other.
Children were eager to win a cake.
Baby contest winners for 7-12 month od girls were Noriee Ditto, first place and Kelsey Lowman, second place.