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School nurses raise more than $100,000 for Breast Cancer

Back in 2008, school nurses in the district decided that they wanted to make a difference. Breast Cancer is something that affects nearly every family in some way, so they set their sights on raising awareness and money for the American Cancer Society by selling t-shirts.

 School staff and local businesses allow their employees to wear the t-shirt and pay to wear jeans, and money collected goes to the fundraiser. School nurses Karen Cottrell, Emily Buckman, Edie Pace and Jenny Russell announced that this year’s donation of $11,347 brought the total amount donated over the last 13 years to $107,347.

 “The nurses are thrilled to be supporting this wonderful cause and realize it would not have been possible to meet our goal without the support of the district administration, school employees, local businesses and community members,” said Karen Cottrell.

 “Our team members have always worked to support one another and our community in raising awareness and showing compassion for each other,” said Meade County Schools Superintendent Mark Martin. “Throughout the year, we are honored to support numerous campaigns that provide moments for us to uplift, inspire, and celebrate others. I am so thankful, and proud of our employees and the leadership of our school nurse team in reaching this milestone of $100,000 for breast cancer research.”

 Although they’ve met their goal, Cottrell says that she and the rest of the nurses have no plans of stopping. The generosity of the community is something that they’re thankful for and they plan on using to continue making a difference.

 “Meade County has once again proven that we are a generous community who is always willing to go above and beyond to help support a very worthy cause,” said Cottrell. “Thank you, Greenwave Nation.”