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School will now begin on Aug. 25

 The Meade County Board of Education met early on Tuesday to discuss potentially amending the 2020-2021 school calendar.

 The proposed amendments involved changes throughout the year. A key component was the delay of in-person instruction. Prior to Tuesday, in-person instruction was slated to begin in the district on Aug. 5. Now, it will begin on Aug. 25 alongside the virtual MyMEADE Online option.

 Superintendent Mark Martin says that the district has collaborated with the Lincoln Trail District Health Department, and they will continue to do so through this fluid situation.

 “We must adjust to the virus,” said Martin. “The virus will not adjust to us.”

 Aug. 25 through Aug. 28 will be a phased restart called “Restart Meade.” School buildings will operate with fewer students during this orientation week. This week will also allow students and staff to experience the traditional school model, new guidelines and school environment in a manner with fewer students on their first day of school.

 The district will continue to utilize NTI days in the event the traditional model needs to be canceled, such as for snow days.

 All students who opted for the traditional, in-person instruction option will report to school.

 Additionally, preschool will now begin on Sept. 2. Families should visit the Meade County Return to School Website for additional information, school calendar, and building-specific information for the first week of school.

 Automated phone call for families to select an option for their child to return to school has been completed. Households that did not receive an automated call may contact their child’s assigned school to indicate their learning model preference.

 The amended school calendar can be found on B6 in this issue.

 For more information, visit the Return to School website: Return To School Website: