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Senior spotlight: Lauren Shute

Story and photo by Rich Fairman

Lauren Shute is the daughter of Tim and Carla Shute and has one sister Brooke. She is a current member of the Ladywave Softball team, National Honor Society (2yrs), Educators Rising (2yrs), and the Foreign Language Club (3yrs). MCM: Which activity do you enjoy the most? LS: “I enjoyed National Honor Society because I spent my community service hours working with the SPMS softball team this past fall. I learned how to keep the score book, help the girls learn new skills, which will help prepare them for the high school season.” MCM: What are your plans after high school? LS: “I plan to attend Campbellsville University, majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish. I will also be playing softball for the Lady Tigers.” MCM: Where do you see yourself in ten years? LS: “I see myself teaching in a primary school, possibly a bilingual classroom. I hope to have my master’s degree, too.” MCM: What qualities do you possess that will get you there? LS: “I’m a quick learner and a perfectionist when it comes to school work.” MCM: Do you have any favorite Junior or High School memories? LS: “Well I went to junior high in Maryland and our school choir went to Music in the Parks every year at Hershey Park. The best part was taking first place both years, even beating high school choirs. My favorite high school memory was winning softball Districts my junior year and making the winning catch. Then the next week, being named to the Regional team and having two close friends there to support me.” MCM: What will you miss the most after you graduate from MCHS? LS: “I’m going to miss my teachers the most. I was lucky enough to have supportive teachers.” MCM: Which class have you enjoyed the most as MCHS? LS: “My favorite class was Intro to Education. Since September, I have been working with a kindergarten class at BPS. Ms. Hill has been an awesome role model and I really enjoy working with her class.” MCM: Whom do you admire and why? LS: “I admire Derek Jeter, retired shortstop for the New York Yankees. He played the game the right way, has a good public image and was a great teammate.” MCM: If you could have one wish, what would it be? LS: “Of course, I wish covid-19 never happened, but if I could have one more wish, I’d love to have the team banners at the softball field and in the gym updated to include our recent district championships.” MCM: Do you have any other hobbies/interests outside of school? LS: “Softball takes up most of my time, but off season, I enjoy playing The Sims 4, watching YouTube and watching sports.” MCM: What three words best describe you? How would you like to be remembered as you leave MCHS? LS: “Three words to describe me would be passionate, hardworking and dedicated. I would like to be remembered as a team player, working hard and setting a positive example.” Parting Shot: LS: “I’d like to thank my teachers for all their hard work these past four years. I’d also like to thank my coaches for their dedication and believing in me.”