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Seven-time CHAMPS


 The Meade County High School Ladywave soccer team began their District 11 play on October 13 at Breckenridge County High School. Their first opponent in the tournament would be the Butler County Lady Bears. Meade quickly put Butler out by cruising to a 10-0 victory in the first half, setting up a meeting for the Championship title against the Grayson County Lady Cougars. The two teams met back in mid-September, where Meade was victorious by the 10-goal rule. So, there was no doubt that Grayson County was looking for redemption and wanting to put a halt to Meade’s domination over the District for the last six years.

 From the very first kick off, Meade’s offense came out attacking the Cougars’ defense, pushing the ball back into the box. It would take some time for Meade to get their first goal, but their relentless attacks caught Grayson’s defense off guard, and in a frantic scramble to clear the ball, junior Hannah Heschke got a foot on the ball and jammed by the Grayson Goalkeeper, scoring a ‘gimme goal’ for Meade to take a quick lead.

 Heschke’s goal opened the flood gates for Meade as the offensive attacks picked up, so did the goal scoring. In the final 23 minutes of the first half, Meade scored another six goals on the Grayson County keeper, finishing out the first half with an extremely comfortable 7-0 lead. Even with Meade dominating the young Grayson County team, they never gave in. They continued to play a physical game, which allowed them to get the ball over mid-field, but just could never get it in the box, for a chance to challenge Meade Goalkeeper Maddi Hebert.

 Meade’s offense came out in the second half with a mission: take it to them and finish the game quickly. That is exactly what Meade did. Each time the offense got the ball, they maneuvered across midfield using the wings to get the ball up field, then look for the open striker, and deliver them the ball. Using this type of offense allowed Meade to get the ball inside the box where they could set up through passes to the middle, which netted them the three remaining goals they needed to close out the game, and take home their SEVENTH District Championship in a row.