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Shacklette makes school history


Newsroom Coordinator

Avery Shacklette, a Meade County High School junior, has been accepted into the 2021 Governor’s School of Entrepreneurs, a highly competitive summer program where Kentucky high school students focus on product innovation and business model design.

Shacklette is the first Meade County student to ever be accepted into the Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs.

Curators of the program describe it as “a three-week residential, immersive and transformative entrepreneurial experience for Kentucky teens.” Participants leave the program with a founder’s work ethic and an innovator’s eye, according to the program’s website.

She says that she was surprised to receive the good news because she applied before Christmas of last year.

“I was just really shocked,” she said. “I ran straight down here to tell Mrs. Childs when I got in.”

Childs is Meade County High School’s Marketing and Entrepreneurship instructor.

Shacklette says that the program will help her meet with other entrepreneurs and business owners from all around the state. The program also offers many scholarship opportunities for those that participate.

“It really gets your name out there,” says Shacklette.

She says that she’s an avid golf player, and she would love to play college golf and major in communications in the future. She says she’s been looking into Kentucky Wesleyan and USI as well as some other Division 2 schools for golf. In her free time, she loves to do anything and everything outdoors, including hunting, fishing and camping.

Shacklette says that her current career goals are to become a news broadcaster or a radio host.