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Shame on you, Time Magazine

Editorial by


Messenger Staff

 Time Magazine has chosen Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as Person of the Year. This is just sad, and shows how biased towards politics the main stream media has become. Regardless of who you voted for, this should be disturbing.

 I grew up reading and respecting Time Magazine in doctors’ offices and school libraries at an early age. The Time Person of the Year used to mean something, but this is toddler-level political virtue signaling at its best. Regardless of whether these two achieve great things or great failures, they have yet to achieve anything at this point outside of running in a political election.

This has been one of the most widespread, challenging years any of us have seen in a long time, if ever. Despite that, we have witnessed some corporations, small businesses, professions and individuals almost break their backs bending over backwards, doing anything and everything, to protect, heal and/or help those who have suffered the worst during this pandemic. We have witnessed first responders, ranging from nurses to police officers, fearlessly take on their shift in some of the most adverse, if not all out dangerous, conditions that either profession has ever seen. We have witnessed food processors, truckers, and grocery store workers put themselves in harm’s way, working around the clock to keep food on the shelves, while most of the country locked itself behind closed doors back in the spring. We have witnessed scientists work tirelessly to develop tests, and now a vaccine, for a brand new disease in less than a year. We have watched educators redefine education out of necessity in the face of a pandemic. We have also witnessed parents redefine parenthood in the face of this pandemic. We have watched Tesla and NASA make some of the biggest leaps in space travel that this country has made since Kennedy, if not ever. We have witnessed so many examples of individuals rising above the flames of 2020, yet one of our most recognized national magazines chooses to pick the two people that ran against Donald Trump as the shining example of the best individual display of any of our 328 million Americans during this pandemic, representing to the country and world what it is to be the Person of the Year.

 Shame on you Time Magazine. Too many have truly earned your recognition this year for you to hand it to two people who have yet to do anything in 2020 other than cross the finish line of an election. Which, should we really be surprised? After all, you have chosen Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Ayatollah Khomeini as Time Person of the Year before. Who knows, Biden and Harris just may live up to those standards. At least half of this divided nation, which you have chosen to further divide with this selection, will surely agree.