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Shootout ends Ladywaves' regional hopes


Messenger Staff

 The Meade County High School Ladywaves soccer team finished out their district play scoring 20 goals, Regional play would be a little different. The Ladywaves had to travel to Owensboro to begin their quest for a Region 3 Trophy where they went up against the Owensboro Catholic Lady Aces on Oct 21. These two teams were supposed to meet during the regular season earlier in the month, but due to COVID, OCath had to cancel, making this the first time the two teams met on the field.

Meade was able to jump out in front of OCath by scoring midway through the first half when junior Cyia Robertson set up a pass to sophomore Mattie Clanton who scored on a hard shot to the goal. OCath continued to put pressure on the Meade defense, which ultimately would take its toll, and allow them to get a shot past senior goalkeeper Maddi Hebert to tie the game up with only 10 minutes left in the half. That would be all the scoring for either team in the first half, as both defenses stepped up their game keeping the ball away from the box.

With Meade playing well during the first half they went into the second half with a more defensive game plan, and if the opportunity came to get shots on the OCath Goalkeeper, take it. That plan worked well for Meade as they continued to keep the OCath strikers at bay, and when they did get a shot off, Hebert was there to grab it. With Meade keeping the OCath offense off balance, it made it harder for Made’s offense to generate any quality shots on the OCath keeper. With time running out for both teams, their offensive game tried to put as much pressure as they could to score before time ran out. This regional game would end pretty much the same way last season did, in a 1-1 tie, sending it to overtime. Last season Meade was eliminated from the regional tournament in the final second of the second overtime by Owensboro Catholic, and was not wanting the same thing to happen two years in a row.

“I am proud of the way we played. We played all out and executed our game plan we had worked on in practices prior to the match,” Heade Coach David Craycroft said, “We just could not get the luck of another goal in regulation or overtime. We created some opportunities.”

As it was déjà vu all over again, neither team was able to score in the first overtime, sending it to a second overtime, but this time the score would remain tied which mean this game was going to be decided by penalty kicks. Coach Craycroft selected his five kickers, Mattie Clanton, who shot first, then followed by Grace Mattingly, Cyia Robertson, Ally Hearn, Cheyenne Stafford all of whom beat the OCath goalkeeper, but the OCath shooters also made their shots sending the game to sudden death penalty kicks. Meade selected five new shooters with Loren Littrel leading off. Her shot was blocked, and Hebert guessed correct in blocking the OCath shooters direction, but the ball was able to squirt out and roll over the line before she cold stop it, giving OCath the goal, and the win.

“Penalty shootouts are a tough way to decide games, it takes courage to be standing on the spot with all eyes on you, and not have nerves. We were bigger than the moment though and that’s all I asked of my ladies. I think we gave the best match of the tournament. Tough loss, especially since we lost almost identically to them last year.” Coach Craycroft finished by saying, “We are building a legacy of being a 3rd region powerhouse, and we added to that legacy with our performance.”

All-Region selectees are: Mattie Clanton and Maddi Hebert.