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Sidewalk project previewed

Seth Dukes:

Newsroom Coordinator


 Officials gave a presentation on the downtown sidewalk project at the February Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.

 Brandenburg Mayor Ronnie Joyner showed slides to those in attendance that previewed what downtown would look like once the project is completed. Near Cake Mom’s, they plan to build a retaining wall. The sidewalk will also not exist as it does today and will be updated. The current sidewalk will move to the east side of the road.

 “It’s kind of outdated, and it’s a hazard,” said Joyner. “If somebody was to fall off of it, it could be bad.”

 Joyner said they hoped to straighten out the curve downtown so that longer boats can be more easily maneuvered. They’ll also be making the area more handicap accessible. Additionally, parking will be upgraded to include angled parking on one side of the street with parallel parking on the other.

He said they also plan on upgrading the lighting in the downtown area. Poles similar to the one used for the History Museum, which will have a silhouette of the bridge, will be made into light poles. He says they’d like to sell those, and while he wasn’t sure about the price, he estimated it would be in the $300 to $400 range. He says they’ll likely have between 20 and 25 of those.

Joyner said that the city intends to upgrade the area further once the road is not a state road.

“After we do everything we need to do, then the final thing will be paving,” said Joyner. “Then, the city will be able to take it into their roads. When they do, we intend to put in crosswalks, one by the Moose Lodge and another around Durhams.”

The mayor highlighted what had been done to revitalize the downtown area so far, including The Anchor, the civil war monument, and the addition of a new sign at the top of the hill. He said that seven new businesses have located downtown in the last year alone.

“That tells you something right there, just what we’ve done so far,” said Joyner.

Joyner didn’t have a date for when the project would begin, and he said that everything is still preliminary.

“Everything that I’m telling you about this right now is all preliminary; It hasn’t been approved by the state,” said Joyner. “They are looking