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Small-town blessings

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Messenger Staff

Meade County is a wonderful place to live. I, for one, have never made any secret about my love for both my hometown of Flaherty and Meade County as a whole. Is it perfect? No, but Shangri-La perfection does not exist anywhere outside of James Hilton’s “Lost Horizon” novel. Regardless, small-town blessings abound in this rural region of Kentucky.

In my free time, I volunteer as a vice-president of Flaherty Community Park and also coach a baseball team. After over a decade of coaching, I have now coached in every age group and am now in my second stint as an 11-12 year-old league coach (once with my younger brother and now with my son). Nothing brings me greater joy than working with a new group of youngsters every year. With that being said, I absolutely hate asking people for money to sponsor our team’s uniforms each season. This was especially the case this year with the knowledge of how tough 2020 was on many of our area’s small businesses.

Not wanting to put anyone on the spot, I decided to make an inquiry on social media to alleviate the pressure of feeling obligated to support our team. Within less than an hour, I had our team fully sponsored and was forced to turn down many other offers.

The youth of this county are blessed by having numerous businesses step up to the plate to sponsor uniforms and advertise on park fences to help fund our ballparks in the county not to mention all the other events and activities they also sponsor throughout the year.

Without the financial support of these generous businesses, those of us who volunteer at the parks could not offer the youth of this county the summer baseball and softball leagues that so many of them enjoy each year.

So, I urge you to pay close attention the next time you are at Meade Olin or Flaherty Community Parks to the wonderful businesses that support our children so selflessly each season. Whether it’s the signage on the fences or the sponsors on the children’s jerseys, the company names you see are the businesses who give back and support the community just as the community supports them, and our youth are all the better for it.

I can not say thank you enough to these companies. I have a special thank you for Jamie Blackburn (Jack’s Electric), Jason Humphrey (McGehee Humphrey Davis Realty), Chris Bolen (Tailgate’s Handyman Services) and Jason Phillips (Everett Construction) for stepping up big to outfit my Flaherty Legends baseball team. Small-town blessings abound around Meade County thanks, in part, to the huge contributions our local businesses make. They have ensured that many young boys and girls will have a return to normalcy as their parents take them out to the ballpark once again this summer.