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So you got “butthurt” ...

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

First things first, what does it mean to be “butthurt”? Let’s see what Mr. Webster has to say...

Butthurt according to Daniel means... uh “No match found”. That can’t be, the internet and the almighty Facebook (king of all things that don’t matter) are inundated with people who are “butthurt” for any number of reasons. Let’s see what the Thesaurus has to say about other words that might offer an alternative... uh, well... again... “No match found”... so, where do we go to find out what “butthurt” means?

Oh wait, I know... let me ask my partner... he will know because he fancies himself to be a hipster and can tell me...

Uhm... he says it means someone has an injury on or about their buttocks.

Now as I am sure all of you will agree, I am no rocket scientist but in the case of the kid that is at odds with his baseball team rules as they pertain to his chosen hair style, I don’t think “butthurt” has anything to do with the chosen hair follicles located on his cranium.

Well, color me shocked... “butthurt” actually does have a direct correlation to the pattern of desired hair follicle placement on the head of an individual that wants to play baseball for the local high school baseball team... So, he is “butthurt” over team rules. Oh, I get it now.

So the answer to “what does it mean to be butthurt”?

It means getting mad because rules for membership in a given group, culture, or society requires that the members agree to operate within guidelines that have been established to protect and preserve the integrity of the organization or team.

Every organization, team, employer, religion and society have as a requirement certain guidelines or rules of conduct that to be a member in good standing, all must follow. Failure to operate within those predetermined set of guidelines results in the ouster of the individual from membership for “failure to comply”.

This very issue and the hoopla that surrounds it perfectly illustrates the “why” behind necessary rules/guidelines. Instead of the attention being on a cohesive team working together to hopefully insure a successful or triumphant outcome, one individual wants all the attention on themselves to the detriment of the team’s higher goals.

Have we heard how well our team has, or is, playing? Have we heard anything about RBI stats? Have we heard about pitching or mound statistics? Have we heard anything positive about our high school baseball team this year? To each of these questions the answers are a resounding NO!

Have we heard about a young man that wants to wear a mullet in opposition to the long established guidelines that he knew were in place when he decided to bring his skillset to the field of play?

Have we seen the TV station’s coverage that has attempted to make this story a bigger issue than it really is?

Well, get ready, here is a lesson in reality or what it means to be “butthurt”...

Teams have rules!

Family units have rules!

Schools have rules!

Coaches have rules!

Churches/religions have rules!

Employers have rules!

Organizations have rules!

Societies have rules!

By the way, yes professional sports do allow their athletes to wear their hairstyle in any manner they choose but...

Get ready for the ultimate “butthurt”...comb and style your well groomed self and hold on to your ego...there are no professional athletes playing on any local teams. There