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Solar power discussed at Fiscal Court meeting

 The July Meade County Fiscal Court Meeting was held on July 14. Judge/Executive Gerry Lynn was not present, and the court nominated Gary Chapman to run the meeting.

 Bryan Zoeller spoke to the court in support of a drafted ordinance related to solar farms in Meade County. Zoeller spoke on behalf of a California-based renewable energy company.

 “This ordinance strikes a good balance between protecting your property in Meade County and setting forth the rules and standards by which a solar company would need to come in and develop a project here,” said Zoeller.  “The clarity that’s provided in this ordinance really gives a developer a road map on how they need to construct a project and operate a project here in Meade County.”

 Zoeller said they were evaluating property along the Meade/Breckinridge county line to see if a project is feasible. Action will be taken on the ordinance at a later date.

 A member of the public spoke to the Court about the city of Brandenburg’s rumored annexation of property. He asked if there was anything the Court could do to stop a nonconsensual annexation.

County Attorney Jessica Brown Roberts said that there wasn’t anything the Court could do in that situation. She explained that the city would first need to give a notice to annex property and pass an ordinance. Only then can the citizens circulate a petition in opposition of that, which would go to a vote.

As of today, Brandenburg “hasn’t taken any action whatsoever” toward annexation, according to Roberts.

In other businesses, the Court voted to:

— Approve the June 9 meeting minutes

— Approve the June 25 special meeting minutes

— Seek bids on a new ambulance.