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SPMS Softball Honors their eighth Grade Players

By Richard Fairman

The SPMS Ladywave Softball team played their first (and only) home game of the season on September 17, at Meade Olin Park against Ohio Middle School Lady Eagles. With this being the team only home game, the Coaches took this time to honor their eighth-grade players by presenting them with flowers.

The first player to be recognized was Addi Allen, who was escorted by Alison and Jason Allen. Addi is involved in 4H, Kentucky youth assembly and Radiant Church youth leadership.

Next was Aliyah Banks, who was escorted by Jessica Bank. Aliyah is involved with Travel Softball when not playing for SPMS.

Next to be introduced was Catie (Flash) Banks, escorted by Nicki Smith and Lenny Banks. Catie likes to play Volleyball, swim, hang out with friends, camping, going out on the boat and hanging out with KK 24/7 when she not playing softball.

Cadence Bryant escorted by Amanda and Joey Bryant. Outside of softball Cadence likes to go swimming and hang with friends and loves being in pictures.

Logan Compton escorted by Lisa Pike, and Jeremy Compton. Other than playing softball, Logan likes to show Pigs. Her fondest memory is the bus rides and Pre-Game warmups.

Calandra Dore, escorted by Jessica Martino, and Larry Jantzen. Other than softball Calandra is a member of the 14u Louisville select travel softball team, the middle school Volleyball team, and the Gifted and talented program. Her fondest memory listening to music on the bus rides.

KK (Marvelous) Mayfield escorted by Ashly and Kenny Mayfield. While not playing softball, KK likes to go camping, going out on the boat, and hanging with Cotie every day, all day. She is also a member of the MS Volleyball team. Her fondest memory is the bus rides and talking with Coach Reece at practice. Coach Reece always yelling at her to make her a better layer.

Savannah Leigh Miller escorted by Jamie and Delmar Miller. Even with softball consuming her life, (travel ball, middle school ball and hopefully high school ball) she loves camping, swimming and spending time with her family. Her fondest memory is getting 20 semi-trucks to honk their horn at the bus on the way to the Franklin-Simpson Fall Brawl.

Kiersten Nelson escorted by Cassandra and Dave Nelson. Kiersten plays on the Kentucky Eclipse travel softball team and loves to hang out with tons of friends when not playing for SPMS. Her fondest memory is the bus rides to and from the games, also all the Tik-Toks the team makes.

Hannah Reed escorted by Elisa and Charlie Reed. Outside of softball, Hannah like to go hunting, fishing and annoying her older brother. Her fondest memory is when they were on the bus and making semi-truck drivers honk their horns.

Addisyn Richardson escorted by Danny Richardson. Outside of softball Addisyn like to raise calves and go to the lake. Her fondest memory is riding the bus home, and dancing in her spikes at Taco Bell.

Carlie Stanger escorted by Polly and Russ Stanger. Outside of softball Carlie is a member of 4H clubs and Church youth group. Her fondest memory is the fun on long bus rides and making new friends.

Savannah Triplett escorted by Jennifer Pollock and Michael Triplett. Outside of softball Savannah also play Basketball. Her fondest memory is the bus rides to games and making Tik-Toks between games, after practice and on the bus.