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Spring brings more than warm weather — be prepared

Editorial, The Kentucky Standard


 Are you looking forward to a roaring fun-filled spring?

 The sun is shining a little brighter here lately and a little longer this evening. As most of you know, daylight savings time began Sunday at 2 a.m. Now, most of us have computers and smart phones to automatically change the time, so we are free from the hassle of manual adjustment. However, don’t forget to set your alarms, just in case.

 You may have lost an hour of your treasured beauty sleep but you will reap the reward of longer days and warmer weather to ascend.

 With that being said, research shows with the beginning and the end of Daylight Savings Time some of us take a little time to adapt to the modification.

 Be it anxiety, diet or just mild sleep deprivation, the time change can affect hormone levels in your body that can lead to changes in your appetite, increase in cravings and possible overeating.

 Some people have bee