Spring Fever - We are not the only ones liking it


Spring fever has hit hard. Nothing else can give us this bug more than the warmer temperatures and the first signs of daffodils. We all love it. The plants are growing and some trees are budding out. Unfortunately, the undesirable plants are liking it as well.

The number one lawn and landscape pest is chickweed. Now is the time to take control of these unwanted weeds. These weeds are actively growing winter annuals and should be controlled in early spring or fall. The following are University of Kentucky guidelines for controlling winter annual broadleaf weeds in the lawn.

Crabgrass control in lawns….

If you have a history of crabgrass in your lawn, apply a pre-emergence herbicide by mid April. Most crabgrass might not germinate until early June. If you had lots of crabgrass last year, you might need a second application in late May or early June. A granular product usually is more effective than a liquid for pre-emergence crabgrass control. Use the following table for herbicide selection.

For more information about lawn care, contact the Meade County Cooperative Extension Service at 422-4958.

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