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Standing Tall for Meade County: Meade County Farm Bureau

By Chad Hobbs

 The newspaper is recognizing businesses and corporations that are helping relieve some of the burdens many Meade Countians are experiencing due to the economic upheaval caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic.  This week’s focus is on Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance and their multi-million dollar relief package for KFB policyholders in this time of need. Meade County Farm Bureau will be this week’s “Standing Tall for Meade County” spotlight recipient.  Last week the KFB announced that dividends totaling $21 million will be returned to automobile policy holders and that auto premium rates for 2020 will be lowered saving customers another $32 million this year. This will bring Kentuckians a total of $53 million in auto insurance relief.  “Our company was formed to serve the people of Kentucky during their times of need, and I am hard pressed to think of a time of greater need than what we are facing right now during this global pandemic,” stated KFBI Executive Vice President and CEO John Sparrow. “This effort to put money back in the pocket of our members, especially when they are using their vehicles less than usual, is absolutely the right thing to do.”  Customers will receive a $25 dividend check for every vehicle insured for each of the 840,000 vehicles across Kentucky that are KFB policyholders. Rate cuts will also be activated at each customer’s policy renewal date.  “As you know, KFB Insurance is designed to face disasters head-on and help our customers recover after the unexpected happens,” Sparrow stated. “As Kentucky’s largest property and casualty insurer, and a mutual company, it is our responsibility to acknowledge the pressures felt by our members today and respond in a responsible, compassionate manner. We feel these dividend payments and rate reductions help do that in a very tangible way.”  “One of the greatest benefits I have witnessed as a Farm Bureau agent over the past forty-five years is seeing the application of the basic theme in our company’s mission statement; that we are a grassroots organization. This means that we are not only a business venture, but a member service that seeks to identify with our members and business associates that we serve,” Meade County Agency Manager Greg Beavin explained. “The recent decision to return a $25 cash payment per vehicle and provide some rate relief to our members is not just about the $53 million, that will come and go. It is more about the desire to let our members recognize that we are all in this together and that starts with the grassroots.”  We would like to continue to showcase local businesses that are “Standing Tall for Meade County” and taking steps to help residents/customers during this difficult time.  If you know of a business that deserves recognition for actions they are taking to help members of our community during this crisis, please contact me at or call our office.