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State Proves too much for Greenwave Wrestlers

Rich Fairman:

Sports Reporter


The Meade County High School Greenwave Wrestling team has had an awesome 2019-2020 season. They tore up the wrestling mats all around the area, making them a force to be reckoned with when it came to Regionals. The team constantly set goals all year: Win Regions, qualify as many as possible to compete at State, and bring home some hardware from the KHSAA State Tournament. Well they accomplished two of those goals two weeks ago when they clinched the Region 2 championship and had all 14 wrestlers qualify for a trip to State. In this year’s state tournament, which took place Feb 14-15, 80 schools were represented with more than 448 wrestlers competing for the title of Kentucky State Wrestling Champion in their respective weight class. Meade went into the Tournament looking fairly well since they had five Regional Champions, and four others qualify third, but State would prove harder than they expected.

The State Tournament is a double elimination competition where wrestlers either compete in the Championship bracket, or the Consolation bracket. If you win your matches, you stay in the Championship bracket as you work your way to the Championship match. However, if you lose, then you drop to the consolation bracket where the highest place you can achieve is third. After the first round of the tournament, Meade only had three wrestlers win their first match, Hunter Butler, Levi Stull, and Eli McCune. All the other Meade wrestlers found the competition a little tougher than they were ready for. In the second round of competition, the three remaining Meade Wrestlers vying for a championship fell, and along with it, the hopes for another Meade County State Champion. By the end of the first day of competition Meade only had two wrestlers in the tournament that would make it to day two. On day two, the last two in the competition bowed out of the state tournament with losses, ending the tournament for Meade County.

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