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Stuart Pepper Middle students enthusiastically contribute to Australian endeavor

Victoria Morgan

Stuart Pepper Middle School


 Australia recently experienced some of the worst wildfires they’ve seen in decades; leaving behind a scarred-ridden landscape causing displacement to the unique animals known

only to this terrain. These raging wildfires engulfed Australian landscapes, destroying at least 27 million acres; causing a billion animals to be dramatically affected by this catastrophic event.

 Although Australia is over 10,000 miles away from Kentucky; ideas started being generated. All stemming from this ultimate question: How can a small, rural school make a difference? That’s when the non-profit organization, OneTreePlanted, suddenly popped up during an extensive Internet search. This environmental organization based in Vermont has a very simplistic philosophy: One tree. One dollar. With the invaluable contributions to this organization, businesses and individuals can help with the reforestation efforts around the world--including Australia.

 A proposal was brought forth to Mr. Butler, our principal, entitled: Dollars For Down Under. With his approval and help of our science teachers, they incorporated classroom discussions and videos about the devastation to the Australian ecosystem; students were then well-informed about this cataclysmic event. Each morning, students and staff willingly donated their dollars towards a school-wide competition. From their generosity, were able to send OneTreePlanted a check for $487.10.

 This small school can and always does astounding things; not only for their Brandenburg community, but now for places 10,000 miles away from us. It’s the heart and soul of this school

to see beyond our own needs; recognizing that we need can make a difference no matter where you are.

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