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Summer Reading for Teens at the MCPL

By Brenna Cooper, MCPL

 The Summer Reading Program at the Meade County Public Library (MCPL) is open to all ages, and we have different challenges and prizes for every group. Our Teen group (ages 12-16) in particular has an incredible array of things to do this summer. We know many times children and teens spend their summer with relatives and may not be a Meade County resident. They are still welcome to participate!

 To join the Summer Reading program, you will first need to sign up on Beanstack. Beanstack is a reading log software and MCPL’s home for Summer Reading. Registration is easy, and the site is available as a friendly app, too. You don’t need a library card to register, just a phone number. After registering, you can see the available activities, challenges, and goals. Some of these include making monstrous make-up, creating a magical creature, putting together a time capsule, and more. Also on Beanstack are the hourly reading challenges. Track how long you read in the app and earn prizes at 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30 hours. All hours read go towards the community reading. Some of the prizes you can win include free ice cream, a book of your choice, a backpack, and more.

 We have created a Facebook group for our teens to participate in the Summer Reading challenge: Imagine Your Story. For this one, go to our Facebook page ( and click ‘Groups’ on the left. Join the MCPL Teens Group to start the fun! Ms. Tammy and Ms. Julie will walk you through a 7-week challenge to brainstorm, create, format, develop, and present your own original story to the world (presenting is optional). The teen group is a great way to stay in touch with your peers, ask questions, and (as the summer progresses) view performers.

 We are adding more programs and features all the time, sometimes daily. To stay in the loop and see the most up-to-date information, MCPL, visit us at, follow us on Facebook, or call us at 270-422-2094, Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.