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Swim team travels to Elizabethtown

Rich Fairman:

Sports Reporter


 On Jan. 17, the Meade County High School Swim Team traveled to Elizabethtown to swim in the E-Town Winter Classic, where they competed against nine other regional teams. Both teams swam hard and set 23, yes that’s right Twenty-Three, personal records, which is a great thing since this will be the same pool they will swim at during Regionals.

 Meade came in third, behind E-Town and Russell County, while the Boys team was able to bring home a second-place finish while the Girls team came in third. With so many personal records being set, Head Coach Kelly Wilson is pleased with the continued progress both the boys and girls are making:

 “Our team has made great progress, and I am so pleased with their performance tonight,” Wilson said of the team’s performance, “We are right on track for the post season, and ahead of where we were last night.”

 Meade has been recognized at many of the meets they attend as the one with the most spirit, and while the swimmers are in the pool, Meade is the one that is cheering the loudest, motivating swimmers to give 110%. That’s just one of the main reason Coach Wilson loves her swimmers, but it’s not only because they cheer on their own teammates, as they demonstrated for the entire pool to see. Coach Wilson talks about why she loves her team:

 “I watched my team move down three lanes to cheer for a swimmer from a rival team who was struggling to finish their competition. They began yelling and clapping and cheering them on. They continued doing that until that athlete touched the wall. They cheered just like it was a swimmer in Green with an M on their cap. I stood and cried as I watched them.” Wilson said of her team, “They inspire me to be better and they don’t even know it! When I say I love them, I MEAN it...every one of them. A first-place finish would have been awesome, but we WIN every week when we become people who are compassionate for those who are not on our “team”.”

Individual results: Top Finishers

Girls Boys

200 Yard Medley Relay

3rd C. Dreitzler, K. Bewley, 3rd C. Medley, T. Medley

L. Slack, M. Barr - 2:18.56 C. Reardon, L. Rister - 1:57.14

200 Yard Free

4th L. Slack - 2:17.73 3rd L. Rister - 2:04.94

200 Yard IM

2nd C. Reardon - 2:32.58

50 Yard Free

15th C. Hinojos - 28.72

100 Yard Fly

5th L. Slack - 1:12.50 4th C. Reardon - 1:05.56

100 Yard Free

3rd K. Bewley - 58.61 4th A. Slack - 1:01.18