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Talon’s Triumph: Local boy fights for his life after tragic accident

June 7 is a day that the Lopez family will never forget. On that day, their 5-year-old son Talon was involved in an accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury and could have claimed his life.

The family had just purchased a new ATV the day before. Jimmy, Talon’s father, had given Talon some chores to do the morning of June 7. He told him that, once he finished his chores, he would take him for a ride on the new vehicle. At around 3 p.m., Talon finished his chores, and the pair started riding.

The Lopez family has 10 acres of land behind their home on 1638 in Brandenburg, and on that land are two donkeys and a cow who have a penchant for chasing vehicles around the property. As the two were riding along, Jimmy noticed that the cow was charging the ATV. He swerved to avoid the cow, and in doing so, ran into a pond that the family has in the middle of their land. Jimmy managed to remove his and Talon’s seatbelts, but Talon’s arm was stuck, and the ATV sank down to the bottom of the pond.

Megan, Talon’s mother, was in the house cleaning up in preparation for a fish fry the family had planned for later that day. After calling 911, Jimmy calls her. Though she can’t make out what Jimmy is saying, she knows something is wrong. She jumps on an ATV and rides along the fence to try to find out what’s going on. She hears Jimmy screaming and rides down the hill, seeing that Jimmy is in the pond.

She can’t see Talon.

Megan, who is 6 feet tall, jumps into the pond, which was deeper than they realized – she can’t even touch the top of the ATV with her feet. She tries to go under in an attempt to do something, but due to the panic, she can’t hold her breath for long enough. She comes up for air and starts screaming at the top of her lungs, hoping that her neighbors hear her. They do, and they arrive roughly at the same time as the sheriff’s deputy and jailer J.J. Scarborough. Scarborough happened to have a hook in the back of his truck, and one of their neighbors swam down and latched the hook to the vehicle so it could be pulled out. The ambulance finally arrived and rushed Talon to Hardin Memorial Hospital.

Talon had been underwater for at least 15 minutes. He did not have a pulse for 45 minutes.

Talon’s parents arrived at the hospital fearing the worst. However, doctors told them that they were not having to give him extra medication to keep his heartbeat going. Talon was taken to Norton’s Children’s Hospital, where he stayed until Aug. 12.