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Thank you

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

During these emergency situations, I had so many thoughts about the wide variety of calls the dispatcher’s have to field. Everything from unruly children leaving home with no coat to a senior citizen who has fallen and may or may not need transport to a medical facility. The need for lift assistance is required many, many times.

We did have a laugh about a call where the police were summoned to intervene in an altercation that was occurring outside of a local eatery. We did not laugh about the seriousness of the potential outcome because apparently there were children in the audience, we laughed at the sheer stupidity of the public display.

 So, what is the point?

 The point I am trying to make is this:

To our first responders, THANK YOU! From the dispatchers that must decipher and “handle” the initial calls for help, to the paramedics and fireman that respond and provide assistance to the injured-THANK YOU.

To the members of our law enforcement that often intervene in situations that involve heated and/or inebriated persons, THANK YOU!

For the unbelievable number of calls from individuals asking for help because they found an unresponsive person who has overdosed and not breathing, we say THANK YOU! We cannot imagine the tragic situations our volunteer public servants must witness day after day, night after night.

A simple THANK YOU seems so inadequate as compensation for the unimaginable job most of you volunteer to do but, that is the only reward most of you will ever receive.