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Thank you, Mr. Johnson


Submitted by Conrad Doyle


 Mr. Johnson, thank you for taking the time to read my "Op Ed" each week and all the free publicity you are providing.

 Not meaning to be condescending when asking you this question but, do you know what an Op Ed is? In simple terms, it is an Opinion Editorial piece. That means it is my opinion, one that I made based on hearsay and hours of research to confirm or deny the validity of the claim.

 I have heard you and one of your guests make statements about the truthfulness of some of my comments and the comments made by others and the claim that I never cite my sources.

 While there may be instances that I failed to give credit to the individual that made certain comments, I do think that if you were to go back and double check me you would find that in most cases I do give credit when and where credit is due. In most cases I merely copy the exact words of the individual and incorporate it into the article I am presenting.

 Your claim that "it’s not fair that anyone would be allowed to "week after week, after week, after week would allowed to post deceptive and misleading remarks about individuals within our local political offices, and to do it anonymously is unfair and not right.”

 It is unfortunate and "unfair" that so far, "week after week, after week, after week" you don't get it. You fail to see or understand the big picture.

 It is unfortunate and "unfair" that so far, "week after week, after week, after week" you have chosen to take the anonymous writer to task and to shame the paper that is printing articles, yet not once have I heard you ask or even consider the possibility that what is being said is true.

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