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The alien creatures in my yard

By Trish Turner

 A few weeks ago I was out in my backyard in Payneville searching for my wandering cat when I noticed a large hole near the barn. I thought it might be a snake hole so I gave it a wide berth. However, as I neared the hole I caught sight of a creature scurrying backwards down the hole. I instinctively let out a scream, but then checked myself. It had not come out and grabbed me, so I guess I was okay.

 Later that day I told my brother-in-law upstairs (my husband and I share a home with his sister and her husband) about the smooth hole with a creature in it and he told me that while he was mowing he noticed there were two similar holes in the front yard.

 I went out to the front yard that evening and sure enough, there were two smoothly dug holes. I also noticed something looking out at me, and I could swear it was a crab. When I went inside and told that to my sister-in-law she laughed, as did other people I later told the story to. Crabs don't live in yards in Kentucky!

 By now my curiosity was really piqued as to what could be residing in the holes. After doing a search on the Internet I decided that maybe it was a wolf spider. It would have to be a very large one, but that's what I convinced myself it was.

 The next day I was walking around the perimeter of our property, taking lots of pictures of flowers. I spied my next door neighbor and asked him how he and his family were doing and casually mentioned the holes in our yard and the unknown creatures that lived in them. He then told me that he had crawdads (crayfish) living beneath his porch. Okay, now I knew for sure crayfish had to live with a water source. How could they be living in his yard?