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The Baptizing and Payneville

Gerry Fischer:


These are stories told to me as true, although I cannot vouch for their veracity, they are humorous and could be true.

 An old time Baptizing was held at a Kentucky creek in water about four feet deep. A group of candidates were waiting on shore while the preacher, standing in the water, read a Bible verse. A small choir sang as the candidates in single file waded to the preacher. As they reached him, he placed his hand on their head and gently pushed them under the water in an immersion baptizing. He did this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. When they came up, he asked if they had found Jesus? They all answered yes. Just as the last candidates were being immersed, a man with no religious training or experience of any kind, was passing by and walked down, curious to see what was happening.

 The preacher not wanting to miss an opportunity to save a soul, asked the man if he wanted to find Jesus. He answered yes and waded out to the preacher, who pushed him under the water and brought him up sputtering. He asked the candidate, “Did you find Jesus?” And the man answered. “No.” The preacher not dissuaded from his mission dunked him again, leaving him under a little longer. When he came up for air the preacher again asked, “Did you find Jesus?” Again, the answer was no. The preacher dunked him a third time and this time held him down quite a while. When he came out of the water coughing and spitting, and got his breath, the preacher asked him, “Did you find Jesus?” The man said, “No, but are you sure this is where he went down?

 I’ve heard this story, and wrote about it once, but I cannot testify to it being true. I live outside of Payneville, Kentucky. There, are two churches, one Catholic and one Baptist that set across the road from each other. The story goes that in sometime in the past there were two little boys who lived down the road from each other. One went to the Baptist Church and the other to the Catholic Church. They were best friends and went to school in the same grade and room, were on the same sports teams, in the Boy Scouts together and played together as well as fished and rode their bikes. One day they decided to ask their parents if they could visit each other’s church together. Both sets of parents were delighted with the idea.

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