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The Crappy Fund

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

Say it isn’t so! How in the world did our elected city council get us so far in debt that they are turning over every rock in hopes of finding enough coins to pay for stuff we are now forced to pay for?

Remember when the mayor stated he would do whatever it took to take care of the water obligation/commitment made to NUCOR?

Remember when we “gave” away our wastewater system and now are indebted in the millions to build a new one?

Remember when they wanted to bring in more land and homes to increase the cities taxation base?

Remember when the council worked for the citizens of the City of Brandenburg and the Fiscal Court worked for the citizens county-wide?

When was the last time one of your elected representatives knocked on your door and asked you how you felt about anything? Soliciting your vote does not count. Personally speaking, in more than 20+ years living where we do, I have NEVER met “my” magistrate.

So, now comes the idea from some at the City Council meeting that would require you to purchase a permit if you want to have a yard sale! While it appears on the surface that the intent of this potential money grab permit is to target an individual that has several “yard sales” every year.

The intent may be to punish an individual, but the reality is that we have been taxed by every possible legal means. Now, here we are going to make it illegal to have a yard sale unless we get a license. Who is going to police the violators? Will your neighbor turn you in to the local Gestapo for a price?

What is the next taxable idea? What else can they think of as a means to collect money to cover the impossible debt they have put us in?

I have a couple ideas that might help cover the greedy money grabbing and suck the last few pennies from us:

Porta-pot permit: this would be imposed on the owner of the land upon which a house or business is being erected. To make sure the cost is equitable the contents, each pot will be weighed and assessed a monetary value that will be paid to “The Crappy Fund”.

Political sign permit: everyone campaigning to be elected for any position within the county will buy a sign permit. Each sign used to convince residents to elect, or re-elected them, will be assessed a fee that once collected will be paid to the afore mentioned Crappy Fund.

Furthermore, any political sign still on display 48 hours after the poles close will be assessed a penalty for littering. Penalty values will be determined based on the size of sign. Fines will be paid to the same Crappy Fund.

The options/opportunities to suck more money out of our residents are unlimited. Time constraints prevent me to continue with these ideas with one exception... Pornography!

For every minute an elected or employed individual in any department is found to have used work assigned equipment to view any site containing pornographic or adult content without first purchasing a permit, they will incur an escalating fine. The higher the position, the higher the fine. Of course, the funds will be deposited into the Crappy Fund.

Additionally, any purchase will be assessed sales tax with proceeds deposited in the same fund.

As ridiculous as this article is, it pales in comparison to city representatives sitting around brainstorming potential ways to increase taxes on the residents to pay for debts incurred.

It appears the elected have forgotten they are supposed to represent the residents of a given area. It seems they have become puppets whose only job is to sign blank checks then try to figure out how to cover them.