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The Gene Hobbs Tragedy: the alarm heard by no one

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Chad Hobbs:

Messenger Staff


As February comes to a close, spring is squarely on many people’s minds. Farm shops all across Meade County are a buzz, as farmers scramble to get everything ready for the quickly approaching planting season. Such is the case for Jeremy Hobbs, Gene and Lisa’s son, though the last several years have brought a new kink to this already stressful time of the year; the unexpected loss of his father, partner, and one of his best friends.

 “They depended on each other to do everything: make decisions, buying stuff, he was actually the best man in Jeremy’s wedding,” Lisa explains of the relationship between her husband and son. “They were really, really close. Really close!”

 The shop is the hub for every farm. It is where equipment is prepared, worked on and where not only the season begins but ends as well. Things were no different for Jeremy and Gene.

 “Gene was always a person who could fix anything,” Lisa says. “After he passed, that was really hard to go out in that garage and work, when you’re used to everyday (him being out there). Gene spent a lot of time out there.”

With his abrupt and unexpected death, the family not only had to deal with the pain of losing a loved one, but for Jeremy, he also had to find a way forward with the family farm without his dad, partner, and just as importantly, the main planner of the two.

 Lisa says she helps the best she can, whether it’s running to get parts or going to look at a sprayer which she knows little about because he wants her to go with him. Having a second opinion can be invaluable; one which Jeremy lost on that terrible day when his dad was taken from this world.

 “I guess I’m going to kind of fill in those shoes, but I can’t fill Gene’s shoes,” Lisa said. “It’s a whole new world that none of us wanted ...It’s not a club you want to be in.”

 It is a club that has had no shortage of painful reminders for this family. Whether it’s the shop Lisa speaks, a piece of equipment Jeremy an