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The Gene Hobbs Tragedy: the autopsy report revisited

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Chad Hobbs:

Messenger Staff


 Early on in this series, Gene Hobbs’ autopsy was mentioned in dispelling the rumor Lisa says the Judge was spreading right after Gene’s death, stating that a heart attack had caused him to be backed over. The eyewitness clearly stated in his testimony, however, that: “They said he had a heart attack. That’s not true. He was working until he took his last breath when he was ran over.”

 It was also pointed out that when the autopsy was released, it verified Gene had not had a heart attack, and that the autopsy would call into question the claims of the official report again, as this series progressed. It is now that time to revisit this report once again.

 A full autopsy is a process which is unrelenting in its attention to detail, and the one performed on Gene is no exception to the rule. There is not an inch of the body, internally or externally, that is not meticulously examined, measured and documented in great detail.

 It describes how many milliliters of fluid, of clotted blood and of liquid blood were found after the chest and abdominal cavity were incised and opened. What it fails to ever describe, however, is any mention of stomach contents or their measurement in the report. As one medical professional I spoke to stated, “If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen. That’s charting 101.”

 The reason this sticks out, though, is because the final report by Investigator Morley distinctly states that the Meade County Road Department crew had just returned back to work from lunch when Gene walked behind a moving dump truck that had been cleared to back up with its alarm sounding.

 If he had just returned back from lunch, one would expect there would be mention of stomach contents and the measurement of how much. The report goes so far as to state there was 5 ml of bile in his gallbladder but nothing about the contents of a stomach which had supposedly just finished eating. Especially since Lisa stated before, that when she got his lunchbox back the day after Gene’s death, it was empty. Not even his afternoon snack was left.

 The other fact that sticks out when reading this report is “the urinary bladder contains approximately 400 ml of urine” the day the autopsy was performed on Gene. According to Gray’s Anatomy, the gold standard among anatomical text books in the health field, the average capacity of an adult male bladder is around 400 ml, though 500 ml may be tolerated. Both a doctor and a surgical nurse have both verified not only was Gene’s bladder full at t