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The Homecoming Change

Editorial by

Allie Reardon

 The leaves are turning, the air is chilling, and the Friday night lights are back in full swing. As we approach the middle of September all of this adds up to mean only one thing. Homecoming.

 Now, I’m not someone who typically goes to football games, not one particularly interested or drawn in by sports, but I always manage to go to one home game a year. The Homecoming game. Granted it was usually because I would go to the dance after and make a whole night of it, but that’s beside the point. The fun themes and raucous pep rallies of spirit week never failed to get me excited for the game, even when normally, I couldn’t care less about football.

 While things are going to look a bit different this year the spirit will still be in full swing this week. Our student government has worked hard to come up with themes to cover every day of the week and raise the student’s spirits. Even if we can’t have the traditional pep rallies this year these candy-themed days are sure to be a mood lifter! Personally, I’m most excited for the Now and Laters decades day! I usually dress up as the ’90s (aka, just how I normally dress) but for my senior year, I’ve decided to shake things up a little bit and throw things a little further back.

 No matter how excited I am to wear my pajamas to school Monday, nothing can negate the slight pang of sadness I feel when I remember there won’t be a homecoming dance this year. As I said be-fore the dance was usually the reason I went to the homecoming games in the first place. I loved to hang out with my friends and jump around like crazy together. But I completely understand the choice to cancel it this year, with COVID-19 still being an issue in our county. It makes sense that they wouldn’t want to shove a hundred or more odd students into the cafeteria with no real way to monitor distancing or masks.

 The last big thing that looks a little different this year is the lack of a homecoming parade on Friday. The parade was a way for clubs and organizations to dress up and make fun floats, or just have a good time driving along and throwing candy out to the kids watching the parade. But for the second year in a row, there will be no parade, I can only assume this is yet again because of safety issues as well.

 However, just because the parade was canceled doesn’t mean that all of your classic day-before-homecoming events are gone. Every devoted fan of the MCHS choir knows that every year, after the parade, the day before homecoming the Meade County chorus puts on a little showcase called cabaret. It’s a wonderful variety show of group and solo acts put together entirely by the students and amazingly talented choir directors. Every ensemble choir puts together pieces for the show, from the Soundwaves to the Rolling Tones, you’ll get a wide variety of ensemble performances. Not only that though! The showcase is open to individual auditions, students putting together duets or solos and preparing them themselves for the stage, all widely different pieces from classic show tunes to mod-ern pop, just about anything will show up on stage! Every Thursday before homecoming, 7 o’clock in the MCHS auditorium. A slight entry fee is charged as the event is a fundraiser for the chorus, or some-times even other causes like hurricane relief (from the 2019 cabaret.) However, keeping in the spirit of change for this year the chorus will not be performing in the auditorium! This year the choir will be utilizing our beautiful riverfront amphitheater downtown at 6:30 instead of 7. Don’t worry though the performances will still be top notch!

 So please, this week go out and support our high school organizations. Whether that’s going to cabaret or going to the game, whether it’s cheering for the homecoming court or cheering for our marching band. Go out and show some love to our community of students. Homecoming may look a little different this year, but that’s no reason to write it off.