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The Lighter Side of Life

 Retired librarian Hester Anne Pickles recently shocked the community of Saylorville by announcing that she had married 70-year-old, retired High School custodian, Lyle Smith!

 “I decided to lift my skirts and dance a bit for a change. I’m 61 and I’m ready for love!”, she told friends after the wedding party.

 The couple headed for Niagara Falls but they have decided to call it, “Viagra Falls”.

 “I got this pill down flat..uh..not flat...I know all about it”, stated Lyle. “You have to be careful how you pull the trigger. If you take half as much as you need, you limp it. But if you take twice as much as you need, your face will light up like one of them electric Santy Clauses people put outside in the weiner...winter. Why, one time I had to go outside and place it in a snowbank and it helped. Thank goodness I didn’t have to go to the emergency room. A friend said they use a rubber hammer, but I think he was just pulling my chain!”

 “That’s my job from here on in”, laughed Hester Anne Smith. “He knows the amount and I know how long to wait between rounds. These two old boxers are ready for the Championship!”

“I pity the poor fools trying to sleep next door, as Mr. T would say!”

 “Look Out Viagra Falls!”