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The "MCKY Photo Contest" Results

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Voting for the "MCKY Photo Contest" has finally reached its end, and we now have some crazy results to share with you...

A big congratulations to Michele Irwin for winning first place in our photo contest...and for also winning second place! We thought that both photos were fantastic, and everyone else seemed to think so as well in our poll.

In third place we had a tie between both Jessie Chapman and Judy Nottingham, with some beautifully arranged photos too!

We're so glad to have received all of your amazing photos throughout this contest, and we are currently in the process of updating the website's header ( to reflect Michele Irwin's top image! During the process, the image will mainly be a background image with blur, but rest assured the full resolution image will be available on the website for everyone to view, along with everyone else's photos as well!

Once we import all the photos to our posts and gallery, we'll share them here for you all to see. Every individual will be given credit for their photo, and each individual photo will be watermarked as well. We can't wait to show everyone the magnificent views of Meade County; thank you to all of you for helping us go about it in an amazing way.

View the winner's photos below: