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The Meade County Messenger’s new editor arrested in Indianapolis

The Meade County Messenger’s new editor, Chad Hobbs, was arrested today in Indianapolis, after a celebration with friends took a tragic turn. According to arrest documents, Hobbs stole an officer’s motorcycle and fled to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hobbs then entered through an open gate and proceeded to lead police in a high speed chase around the track. After crossing the finish line, Hobbs performed several burnouts before jumping off the bike and kneeling down to kiss the bricks. “I’ve never seen a happier detainee in my life,” said Officer John Smith. “He yelled ‘Shake and Bake!’ and ‘I’m going to Disney World’ all the way to the jail.”

Once at the Detention Center, Hobbs presented the jailer with a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, and the Hoosiers complied, releasing Hobbs to return back to Kentucky. Meade County, we hope you‘ve had a great April Fools Day!