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The Messenger is not a “rag”

Editorial by Crystal Leo

 Last week a gentleman called into WMMG’s Edgewise show hosted by Randy Johnson. He stated that two years ago his wife had worked for the Meade County Messenger and then preceded to insinuate that the management at the time would not run her articles because they politically were not what the editor wanted in the paper. He continued to disparage us by saying he considered us nothing more than a “rag” that he refused to read.

 In case you are not aware of the definition of what “rag” is, here is the definition: “a newspaper, typically one regarded as being of low quality.”


 There will be no disputes over whether this gentleman’s wife was not allowed to run her articles. That was two years ago, and I was not working at the Meade County Messenger then, so there is no way for me to confirm or deny that statement. Besides, I do not particularly see any reason a person would lie about such a claim, so I am assuming it is the truth.

 However, what I will firmly state is that the staff that was in place two years ago at the Meade County Messenger is no longer here. In fact, they have not been here for quite some time.

 More to the point, two years have passed since this gentleman’s wife left the Messenger. Did at any point he wonder whether we had changed or not? If he was ever curious, I sure wish he would have picked up a recent newspaper and checked it out.

 The staff currently in place at the Meade County Messenger is unified in the belief that we will report factual, or source worthy, unbiased news to the public. We do not believe in “fake news,” spreading lies or pushing any one political candidate’s agenda.

 Instead, our goal is to disseminate news that we feel our fellow Meade Countians need to know, so they in turn, can make up their own mind about the situation and how they feel about it.

 In closing, I would like to invite this previous employee to feel free to submit articles again should they wish to. Am I guaranteeing that they will run it in the paper? No. Neither I, nor anyone else at the Messenger, can EVER guarantee that a submitted article can be ran. What runs in the paper literally comes from a complicated formula of advertising, time sensitive stories and other things. But, what I am hoping this previous employee will find, should she submit articles to us again, is that the new staff of the Messenger is politically diversified and openminded.

 And, if the gentleman who called into Edgewise happens to see this editorial, I hope he is reminded of the fact that, just like people can change, companies can change. The sins of the father should never be placed on the son.