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The question that shouldn’t be asked

Editorial by Ms. Doyle

Dear Meade County,  This will be short and very pointed. I was listening to Randy Johnson on Edgewise on 4/28/2020 and heard him discussing the very controversial subject of Joe Biden being accused of sexual assault. Now, I will admit that I missed the beginning of the show, so I did not hear everything that was said. However, there was one question that was mentioned that I feel should be addressed immediately. “Why don’t the women report the crimes sooner?”  Let me tell you a story.  Once upon a time there was an elementary school aged girl who was molested on the school bus by a high school student. She went home and told her grandmother who was a nurse at the local hospital. Unsure what to do, the grandmother contacted the school to report the incident.  While that little girl was in class, her teacher pulled her out of the room and asked the little girl if she had told her grandmother that she had been inappropriately touched the day before. The little girl confirmed that, yes, she had told her grandmother that the day before because it happened.  The teacher then looked that little girl straight in the face and told her that she didn’t believe her and sent the child back into the classroom.  Later on that day, the principal called the little girl into his office. Again, that little girl was asked if she had told her grandmother that she had been molested on the school bus the day before by a high school student. Although she was now very scared and confused because her teacher had accused her of lying earlier on in the day, the little girl again told an adult that the incident had happened, and yes, she had told her grandmother about it.  Nothing was ever done.  Let me repeat that for you: Nothing. Was. Done.  The authorities were not called. A report was not made by the school. The high school student was never really punished, and the little girl had to continue riding the school bus with her molester for the rest of the school year.  After that, the little girl never believed adults would help her again.  She became angry, disobedient and defiant of authorities. Eventually, most of those around her labeled her a troublemaker and wrote her off as a bad apple.  As she grew older the girl came to understand why some children or women never stepped forward to report the crimes committed against them.  Because people would not believe them, so why bother?  Why bother putting yourself through the traumatizing ordeal all over again if nothing was going to be done?  There is your answer Meade County. That’s why some people do not report their crimes. And, this is where I tell you that the sordid, tragic tale I just told you is very true. I know this because it happened to me.  I’m not saying that every person who cries “rape” or “assault” is telling the truth. Some people are devious, coldhearted and don’t care who they hurt with their lies. On the flip side of that coin, this doesn’t mean that every person who does claim they were molested are liars. It happens every day, is a pandemic of its own sorts, and a lot of times the perpetrators never receive the sort of judgment they deserve. This is why some victims don’t come forward.  Don’t ask, “Why didn’t they report it?”  Instead, ask “Why is this such a rampant problem in our society and what can we do to stop it?” Until next time Meade County,  Ms. Doyle, who is changing her pen name to Ms. Doolittle in the next editorial and will explain why then.