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There may be no end to the dot connecting...

Editorial submitted by Conrad Doyle

And, just like that, the dots connected, players exposed...and only the well-connected “good ol’ boys” have benefitted, and we the little people will pay for the slimy political and personal shenanigans of our “leaders”.

 Like the Solar Field deals, the Eddie Kane Steel dealings happened behind closed doors and only those who would profit financially (the good ol’ boys network) were in the “know”, and we have a problem.

 When the one person that has drawn so much attention by his “leadership and hard work” becomes a puppet master and facilitates/orchestrates power moves in which only selected or privileged are included, we have a problem.

 When the general public is not privy to or allowed knowledge of potential opportunities to gain financially, when the same players of these insider deals (regardless of Redman’s futile at-tempts to trump the truth with his nonsensical ramblings), we have a problem.

 When the same “players” continue to profit from non-public information and/or opportunities, and the “little no-name people” only find out after the dealings are done, we have a problem.

 How did we get here?

 Politics and greed are no doubt big factors, but we need to acknowledge the importance of the time-tested theory that it is not what we know but rather is all about WHO we know.

 The individual that is “President” of all things Meade County, does what most people don’t want to do…he leads. He’s sincere enough people trust him and want to be his follower and in his camp. He can sell his plans and ideas. Going to the RECC fueled that propensity. (Becoming Mayor of Brandenburg when it is against RECC employment policy is a great example of the “who” you know theory).

 Woven in is an attorney entourage of no doubt varied specializations, i.e.: contract law, real estate law, etc., and a former RECC attorney now a judge, and then his brother, all intertwined with years of RECC management serving as legal counsel and no doubt strengthening the good ol’ boy’s network and insider information.

 The RECC Board of Directors is a compilation of an attorney, a realtor, bank people. Professional people with community and far-reaching contacts. I theorize these people are unknowingly helping to fuel an agenda that fuels a local narcissistic club. This pattern is well established now and unless the citizens stand up and call for a full investigation of all parties involved, things will never change.

 This whole convoluted mess is so well enmeshed into the Meade County and Brandenburg City political arena’s that in order for anything to change, we would have to go beyond local or state legislative bodies.

 Why would that be necessary? Look at the players in this entire manipulated saga dating back to the sudden announcement that the farmer’s granary had been sold out from underneath them. When the case was filed in our local courts requesting the judge issue a “stay” or “stop-page” of the sale of the grain shipping establishment did no one connect the dots?

 The very judge that threw the case out stating “it had no merit” is a former RECC attorney now a judge. He and his brother have been intertwined for years of RECC management serving as their legal counsel. This same judge should have recused himself from any case in which he had a financial or personal affiliation. The same judge that the Kentucky Higher Courts over-turned on Aug. 6. A local attorney just “happens” to be involved in a land acquisition that just “happens” to be the same land that immediately sells to another steel company. The same attorney that assisted in the legal proceedings in the case of a county employee’s tragic death. Why was he involved, don’t we pay the salary and benefits of our elected county attorney? Why did she not assist in the paltry settlement?

 Seriously, only someone wanting a cut in the action, or a “wannabe”, would attempt to explain to us the “coincidental” happenings and time lines of land acquisitions, an LLC’s creation, etc. Only someone who calls himself “Citizen---” would have the gall to mention who should be “under the jail.” Was this citizen fired from his job as the “Executive Director” with the TACK (Transit Authority of Central Kentucky)? Why did this same person wipe clean his Facebook page, removing any mention of his former employment or employer? Hey Citizen “wannabe” Joe, I hear orange is the new black—what color do you want your suit to be?